O-State Sports Report's POKEY AWARD Results

Who is the toughest athlete to play at OSU during the 2003-04 school year? <BR><BR> Elbert Craig 47 percent Terrence Crawford 17 percent Wrestling team 11 percent Others receiving votes: Tatum Bell, Josh Fields, Joey Graham, Tyrone Lewis.

Cowboy Chatter "I think three people are seriously up for this, but I have to go with Elbert Craig. If he stops after getting hurt, get his knee fixed and starts rehab, based on prior seasons he's probably headed to being drafted. Instead he puts himself out of his mind and plays until his body will allow him to play no more. Making it almost absolute that he won't be drafted. Josh Fields and Terrence Crawford were also up for this one."

"All OSU wrestlers are tough. But if you're asking about courage and guts, besides toughness, then ... Elbert Craig."

"Elbert Craig. The young man played on a torn ACL and was still delivering huge hits. I will take a team full of Elbert Craigs any time."

"I have tried to teach my boys the value of doing anything they do with ‘heart.' ‘Heart' is the courage one finds from the deepest part of the soul, the place you have to go to get the belief that you can do what others (and yourself) don't think you can. It is one thing to tear up your knee with an injury that not so many years ago would have been the start of a major surgery and dubious return to the field of play. It is far yet another to assess that injury and say, ‘I can go, coach. Yep, it hurts but I can get the job done," then go out on the field KNOWING you're going to take hits, and get the job done. Elbert Craig. It will be a long time before I can say there is an Ironman tougher than him. Maybe never."

"Elbert Craig! Does anyone remember the UO game where Craig absolutely HAMMERED Perkins."

Who was the most valuable athlete for his respective team in 2003-04?

John Lucas 53 percent Rashaun Woods 29 percent Others receiving votes: Josh Fields, Luke Phillips, Antonio Smith.

Cowboy Chatter "John Lucas. He is the spark that got the team going in so many games this year. Big shots are his specialty!"

"Lucas took us from preseason 5 to 1."

"Rashaun Woods. He almost won the Cotton Bowl, a wide receiver that basically took over the game by himself."

"Lucas. What good is a great race car if you don't have a great driver?"

"Why do we have to pick the Most Valuable? It appears the most important thing about OSU is team effort. Take away one player and the others don't look quite as good as they did yesterday. We are always looking for who is the best. What is important is who has the better team, how they work together and respect each other. I believe OSU (basketball) has this for the first time in a long time. Call it the coaches, the players or who. The great teams play like ours have this year. Let it happen again, soon."

"No brainer here. Rashaun Woods. Without Woods we have absolutely no threat downfield and teams put eight in the box and shut us down. We, maybe, win five games. Maybe."

"John Lucas. Without him we would have lost at least five more games.""

Which current OSU athlete is going to have the best professional career? Why?

Rashaun Woods 76 percent Joey Graham 9 percent Others receiving votes: Josh Fields, Luke Phillips, Vernand Morency.

Cowboy Chatter "I'm not just being a homer but (Rashaun) Woods is going to have a career along the lines of a Steve Largent, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice."

"Joey Graham. He's long, strong, explosive, runs the floor great and can score from anywhere. He needs one more year of defensive seasoning under Eddie and he'll be a first rounder."

"Rashaun Woods is a slower Marvin Harrison. If he stays healthy, a possible Hall of Fame career."

"Josh Fields may be the new A-Rod."

"Rashaun Woods. Mark my words, he'll be in Canton some day."

"Rashaun Woods. With his personality and talent, he will be the darling of the NFL."

"I see a future for Joey, and I think Fields has a great chance, but man, Rashaun looks like a ‘can't miss' to me."

"R. Woods. I've never seen another wide receiver who has R's timing in separating from his defender at the exact moment to catch the ball. That along with his determination and athletic abilities could (barring injury) put him in that upper group of career receivers we love to watch on Sundays."

"Mr. Morency will soon prove that he is no fluke. Many AWARDS and dollar signs are in his future."

Who was the most underrated athlete at OSU in 2003-04? Why?

Ivan McFarlin 40 percent Vernand Morency 10 percent Johnny Thompson 10 percent Others receiving votes: Tim Burrough, Terrence Crawford, Joey Graham, Jon Holland, Gabe Lindsay, Sam Mayes, Luke Phillips, Janavor Weatherspoon and the Cowgirl soccer team.

Cowboy Chatter "I-Mac, the quintessential Cowboy. He does the dirty work and is proud to do it."

"It's Ivan McFarlin hands down. No question. He's had to take on bigger guys the whole year that know the only way to beat OSU is to have their big man dominate us (ala BYU and Texas Tech losses)."

"The women's soccer Big 12 championship was probably the most underrated achievement by anyone in the last year."

"I-Mac. With all the stars on the basketball team he gets overshadowed, but we could not do without him."

"Johnny Thompson, without a doubt... You tell me how many times you've heard of him ... That's what I thought, without a doubt he is the most underrated."

"Vernand Morency. He should have started most games this season. He will be an animal next season."

"Sam Mayes. In on every down. Takes care of business. Never gets any kudos."

"Joey Graham. He has been good from the get go and has gotten better and better every week while still sneaking under the radar."

Who is the best athlete to ever wear the orange and black? (Don't forget those athletes who played when the school was known as Oklahoma A&M)

Barry Sanders 50 percent Bob Fenimore 13 percent Dick Soergel 13 percent Others receiving votes: Hart Lee Dykes, R.W. McQuarters, Jerry Sherk, John Smith.

Cowboy Chatter "Bob Fenimore would have been the best overall athlete. Barry Sanders was the best at what he did."

"John Smith: two NCAA championships, two different Olympic gold medals and four world freestyle championships. He's the only wrestling athlete to win the Sullivan Award. That's probably the best record of accomplishments of ANY wrestler in U.S.A. history. Please don't tell me that wrestling doesn't count. I loved Barry too, but come on folks."

"Barry, no doubt about it."

"Dick Soergel. Football, basketball, baseball. He lettered in all three in more than one year."

"Fenimore. Undefeated season. Played both ways. Played every position. He was a one-man team."

"The quiet giant – Barry Sanders."

"Hart Lee Dykes. The man could have played and excelled in football, basketball and baseball."

Which current OSU athlete and/or current OSU coach would you like to spend a day shadowing? Why?

Eddie Sutton 24 percent Les Miles 12 percent Josh Fields 8 percent Mike Holder 8 percent

Others receiving votes: Tony Allen, Terrence Crawford, Paul Duren, Liz Gomes, Vernon Grant, Karen Hancock, Xavier Lawson-Kennedy, Sam Mayes, John Smith, Frans Steyn, Sean Sutton, Johnny Thompson, Janavor Weatherspoon, Darrent Williams.

Cowboy Chatter "Eddie Sutton because he is such a classy guy and I'm sure he has some great stories to tell."

"This one is easy ... Mike Holder is the golf guru."

"Josh Fields because I bet he's a chick magnet."

"Vernon Grant. I want to know if he talks that much ALL THE TIME."

"Liz Gomes... whoo hooo."

"Eddie and Frans Steyn because it would be awesome to walk through a mall in OKC and watch people's expressions. You know this might be a good idea for a fund-raiser for the athletic department – auction off a day with a coach or player of your choice."

"Karen Hancock. Her husband died in the ever infamous plane crash. She stays at Oklahoma State to help the soccer program, still in its infancy, and only a few years later turns the program into Big 12 champions."

"Eddie Sutton. Why ask why?"

"... tie between Les Miles and Eddie Sutton. In a pinch decision, I'd go with Miles just because I'd like to see what makes the guy tick and how he motivates those around him. Coach Rebenar would be a good one to hang with, too. Wow ... how ‘bout John Smith? Or maybe ..."

Who is the OSU athlete that best exemplifies the term "student-athlete"? Why?

Ivan McFarlin 71 percent Billy Bajema 14 percent Johnny Thompson 14 percent Others receiving votes: Kyle Eaton.

Cowboy Chatter

"Ivan McFarlin got his bachelor's degree in 3 1/2 years, which is hard to do for a nonathlete."

"Billy Bajema. Does he still have a 4.0?"

"I-Mac, from academic hell to a degree, and the year back for master's work."

"Gotta go with I-Mac. Incredible feat, probably took as much grit to get his academics done in 3 1/2 years as anything he did on the court. I could have used him for inspiration for myself (when I was) in school."

"I-Mac. From where he started to where he is now is truly remarkable."

"Johnny Thompson made Academic All-American status for four years ... "

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