Cowboys Face 2nd Place Sooners in Bedlam Series talks with Rod Allen, Spencer Grogan and Jason Jaramillo to get their take on an important series with the Sooners. <BR><BR> Games will be held at Drillers Stadium on April 29 at 7:05, and Bricktown Ballpark on April 30 at 7:00 and May 1st at 7:00. How are you going to prepare yourself for Bedlam?

Spencer: I'm just going to take it as any other game. If we focus your emphasis on specific games, we will end up changing our game and we don't want to do that. We are coming off a winning streak and want to enjoy it and take it as an advantage

Is there some kind of "dislike" toward the Norman team?

Spencer: No, not really. We really just take them as any other team and we can't really see it as any different team because we just want to focus on our game and not worry about who the opponent is.

How is this Bedlam series different from the one last year?

Jason: First of all, they are in second place and we are in third place in the Big 12 rankings, so the series means a lot as far as staying in the Big 12.

What is the atmosphere among the team?

Spencer: The atmosphere is good. We are pretty happy with the fact we are on a winning streak right now and we want to focus on what we do so that we can continue the streak

Do you feel pressured to win this series since OU won the last two years?

Spencer: I don't think there is pressure but we need to take it more seriously. OU is ranked second in the Big 12 and we are third, so if we can take this one, it will give us better chance to go up in the rankings. We just need to step up and take care of business

Jason: Definitely. There is definitely a lot of pressure but I think we'll alright

Do you feel Coach Anderson is putting more emphasis on this week's games since it's Bedlam?

Jason: No, I don't think so. I think he knows that is a big series but we'll just have to see as another game

Do you think this week's games are more special that the other conference games?

Rod: This is very important for us. Taking 2-out-of-3 from OU or sweeping them will put us in a good position, but I think this will mean a little bit more to the guys. I know a couple of guys from OU and they have a good team. They are ahead of us right now and they are playing well, so we'll have to step up our a game a notch.

What are your expectations of this series?

Jason: They have a pretty good team. Their pitching depth is pretty good, so it's going to be tough. As far as the team, we are deep and we think we have more talent, so I think we are better off.

Rod: I am extremely excited about it because it is a great atmosphere for college baseball and it is my first time being a part of it. It is probably the best one I'm ever going to participate in. Basically, it is left to my imagination because I just heard so many things about it from the guys who were here in the previous years. I know it is going to be a big crowd- probably half OU, half OSU, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

What is one thing that you're looking forward to?

Rod: I am looking forward to beating them most importantly. I just want to wear them out, have our team come out there and play good and to our capabilities. We are coming off a good weekend at Kansas State, so we just want to continue the success we've had so far. I'm just looking forward to experiencing what I've been hearing so much about.

Have the older guys on the team shared stories about Bedlam?

Rod: One of the biggest crowds I've played in front was probably against Texas, and that was about 7000 people. They said here, there will probably be around 10,000- 15,000 people. That is definitely something new and they said there might be fans out there that haven't been to any baseball games all year, but they will come out for this one and support the teams. They also said it might like a major-league game atmosphere in a way.

If you could switch with a player for one game, who will it be and why?

Spencer: I always wanted to play an outfielder so I would want to switch places with Keanon Simon

Jason: That is a tough question. I've never pitched before so I though that would be cool. I guess Spencer is doing a pretty good job right now, so I would have to say him.

Rod: I would switch with Josh Fields. When we go to play OU I know there is going to be a lot of fans around him because he is a football player. So I would like to see what it would be like and how he deals with stuff like that. Also, I would wanna know what it would be like to play in that atmosphere knowing everybody is out there watching you.

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