Rashaun Woods Diary - Epilogue - He's a 49er!

We finish our diary with Oklahoma State two-time All American wide receiver Rashaun Woods talking to him following the draft and his first trip to San Francisco after being made a first round selection by the 49ers.

Actually I stayed in my Mom's room and played play station during the draft. I had my phone next to me, and my whole family was in the other room and they were watching the draft. I just kind of waited for a phone call. I didn't need to watch the draft. I got a couple of calls earlier in the draft, and they were from teams just making sure I was there and that I was all right and that nothing was wrong. Then the 49ers called. At first, I was talking to the scouting director and he told me that they were going to pick me, but to hold on. He explained they were still considering trading back, which they did to get another pick. After they did that, they called me back and this time I talked to just about everybody on the staff. They all told me that I was going to be a 49er.

At that moment, I felt real good. I felt real good. I was just glad to be picked up. It's a great place, a great place for me, and great weather. I know when they picked me up at the airport it was great weather, and I'm very excited about playing for San Francisco. It was really nice when I got there. I did notice that it was a little hot. I'm not used to that heat, but the place is very nice. The traffic is not bad. The gas prices are high. I was looking at places to live, and that's not heap either. The cost of living out there is pretty high. That's the biggest thing I saw. Other than that everything is really nice, and I liked what I saw. The 49ers facility is real nice. It's right up there with all the others that I've seen. It was all top of the line stuff. The whole place is nice.

I was surprised about the fishing vest that Coach Erickson gave me. The press is a lot like th press in Oklahoma. They weren't just overwelming. It was a lot of fun answering the questions, and they seemed to be respectful. Everything was smooth. We talked a little football, but the main thing was that I was able to meet all the coaches. I met all the people in the P.R. department and people in the organaization and get used to all of those people.

Obviously, I idolize Jerry Rice and he will always be remembered as a 49er, so it is ironic that I ended up being drafted by San Francisco. I end up going to the same place that he played for years and years and did so well. It's one of those deals where I want to play like the guy, who for years was wearing the same uniform and a number very close to the one that I'll be wearing. I want to try and carry myself in that kind of manner. I don't know too much about my teammates and I didn't get to meet any of them. I have a lot of catching up to do.

I'm ready to get out there (for the minicamp). I'm very excited. I havn't been this excited about anything in a long time.

I want to know what's going on (contract negotiation). I want to be involved in it a little bit. I know exactly what I want and I want the kind of contract that I know I want. I know it's the agents that have a lot of experience in that field. I want to get my input in on the contract and how the contract is structured, but I know the agents will do most of it with the organization. - Rashaun Woods

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