Bedlam Baseball Report

The series victory boosted the Cowboys into first place in the Big 12 standings. <BR><BR> This was an extremely close series. Make no mistake about that. Both teams won one game by three runs and OSU won the other by one run in 13 innings.

Last Weeks Results (2-1):

@ Tulsa vs. #15 Oklahoma W 8-5. Note: Scott Richmond relieved a faltering Thomas Cowley in the fifth and pitched 4.1 scoreless innings for his first win of the season. Rod Allen hit a three run home run and a two RBI single.

@ Oklahoma City vs. #15 Oklahoma W 6-5 in 13 innings. Spencer Grogan pitched 8.2 strong innings and Scott Richmond came on for another 4.1 innings to earn his second win of the season. Jaramillo, Kirby and Matulich had 3 hits each.

@ Oklahoma City vs. #15 Oklahoma L 4-1. Rew and McDonald pitched well but the Cowboys left 8 runners on base and could only engineered one run.

It doesn't get much closer as these offensive numbers show: runs scored OSU 15, OU 14; hits OSU 29, OU 31; extra base hits OSU 7, OU 7; total bases OSU 39, OU 43; walks OSU 7, OU 5; hit by pitch OSU 2, OU 3; strikeouts OSU 20, OU 27. Finally, OSU grounded into 5 double plays and OU only 1. However, OU made up for that advantage by getting caught stealing 4 times to OSU's 1 time.

Overall, I thought the OSU pitching was very good and the hitting was just good enough.

Player of the Week:

1. Scott Richmond – a key player in both wins and therefore my player of the week. Scott collected both of the wins (his first and second wins of the season). I have seen turnarounds like this before but it's still a marvel. Prior to April 18th, the Cowboys were dubious whenever he entered the game. Now, he might be our best pitcher.

2. Spencer Grogan – since no one hitter really stands out, I will go with Spencer as my #2. He ALMOST got another complete game victory.

Comments on the rest of the pitchers:

Daniel Rew – Pitched well in game three. Didn't get the run support he needed. He has now pitched well in three consecutive starts.

Brett McDonald – Pitched well in one inning of relief. I am glad he got in a game because he deserved it.

Thomas Cowley – got in trouble with hit batters and extra-base hits. Two shaky starts in a row.

Comments on the hitters:

Hitter of the Week:

Mario Matulich – please let this be the Mario that shows up the rest of the season. Hit tough OU pitching very well (6 for 13). This would be a great time for this bat to wake up. One theory is that the injured arm is getting stronger and stronger. I don't know if I buy into that but he is my hitter of the week.

Josh Fields – had a good weekend. He was 4 for 12 with two doubles and two walks. He also threw what would have been the winning run out at home in game two. He needs to cut down on the strikeouts and make a little better contact.

Jason Jaramillo – had a solid weekend going 5 for 12 with two doubles and a walk.

Scott Kirby – hit the ball well (3 for 10) and scored four runs. His defense is still an adventure and he dropped a ball in the outfield that nearly cost game two. I personally think that in the long run his speed and experience in left compensate for an inalienable klutz factor. Anderson pinch hit for him in game three and I am not sure why; maybe to get a left handed bat in the lineup or just because he looked tired in game two of the double header.

Rod Allen – had a great game Thursday and then did nothing on Sunday. The perception is that Allen is the key to the OSU offense and that he has a hot bat but it just ain't so. He has explosions followed by fizzles. He did produce the most runs plus RBIs just like he has done all season but he is too inconsistent to be the key to the offense.

Ty Wright – OU pitching was as good as advertised and they held all the young hitters in check. Ty was 4 for 14 and had no extra base hits. If Rusty and Ty had gotten on base then the games may not have been close because our three and four hitters were seeing the ball well.

Rusty Ryal – had a bad weekend at the plate and this was a key reason the heart of our order didn't do better. Rusty and Ty have to be on base when Josh and JJ come to the plate. That didn't happen nearly enough this weekend. The lead-off hitter jinx strikes again. Give the Sooner pitching credit – they were tough to hit.

Chris Gutierrez – after scorching Kansas State, Chris didn't hit OU pitching at all. He had one single in twelve at bats. He started one nice double play.

Keanon Simon – well, at least his glove was good in center. He was awful at the plate and then when he did get a hit in game three he makes a terrible base running error and is caught stealing third. For the series he was 1 for 13 with a caught stealing. He did make some fine catches in center field but I must say that he looked overmatched at the plate. Remember, Keanon goes through these streaks and has broken out of them before so next week may be different.

Thomas Incaviglia – pinch hit and came into game three for Kirby. Scott was probably dead tired

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