Congratulations Cowboys & Frank Anderson

Congratulations to the Cowboy baseballers and head coach Frank Anderson. Sometimes the best surprises are the least expected and a Big 12 title in Anderson's inaugural season was certainly unexpected. I can tell you from the begining of fall baseball of two ingredients to the success.

First, the players were much happier with the organized fashion that Anderson and his staff ran the program. Communication was strong, practices were organized and a schedule for each practice was posted including how much time each drill would run and how long the practice would run. The players loved knowing what was ahead and planned, something they never got under Tom Holliday.

The other facet that helped was that Anderson put the emphasis on the players, not himself and the staff. That makes a huge difference. Anderson said it today in Arlington after winning the championship.

"It's not about me, it's about them, the players," said Anderson on Fox Sports broadcast. Holliday too often made himself out to be the central figure. This team has played hard for Anderson. They have overachieved at times. In the face of adversity, they have risen to get back on track.

It's nice to see Josh Fields go out with a Big 12 Championship. Fields, who I believe will go professional in baseball depending only on which team drafts him, has been one of the best two-sport athletes in school history. He is a fine young man, a leader, good morals, a fine ambassador for Oklahoma State, now and in the future. He deserves a Big 12 Championship ring and now he has one.

So do many of the other Cowboys. This baseball team had a lkot of heroes. Jason Jaramillo, Rod Allen, Chris Gutierrez, Spencer Grogan, and today, how about Thomas Cowley. The lefty came on and really did a number coming off a complete game and pitching in relief. It was a clutch performance.

Count the Big 12 titles for OSU this season. There was women's soccer in the fall. Basketball and wrestling during the winter. Now add baseball. It was truly a fantastic year. By the way in baseball, the tournament winner is the champion of the Big 12. The regular season only dictates the tourney seeding. The tournament winner is the Big 12 champion.

An idea for the NCAA, which gave OU a regional in OKC at the Bricktown Ballpark. Rather than send Oklahoma State to Fayetteville, Ark., or Oxford, Miss., or some other place. Forget that they are conference brethren and send Oklahoma State as the top seed to the regional in OKC hosted by OU. I believe OSU is deserving and I'm sure Coach Anderson and his team wouldn't mind a bit.

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