Eric Preast ready to make the call

While most everybody's attention at the linebacker position has been put on Curtis Lofton and Phillip Dillard, Eric Preast has just continued to quietly go about his business. The Oklahoma State Cowboys were the first to extend an offer to Preast this past Feburary, and were his only offer until Iowa State recently offered two weeks ago.

While some may question the Cowboys offer to a prospect not recongized by any others in the Big 12, it was simply a job well done on their part in their evaluations.

"Right now, I'm strongly favoring Oklahoma State," said Preast. "I've tried calling Coach (Les) Miles the past few days, but he has been out of the office. Either when or shortly after I talk to him, I could make my commitment at that time."

"I have a lot of friends that attend Oklahoma State, and a lot of my graduating class is heading there. It is a real down-to-earth atmosphere there, and they have some of the finest facilities. They are re-innovating their stadium, and it is just such a well rounded school. Their football program continues to get better, and many of their other programs are some of the best in the nation."

Eric Preast only attended camp at Oklahoma State, and by doing so, gave up the chance of receiving offers from any other programs. Not even a recent offer from Iowa State could help convince him to look at any other programs.

"I was suppose to go to a few other camps, but I was unable to make them. As far as Iowa State goes, they called during May and offered two weeks ago, but I had no interest in making a trip up there. It is a long drive up there, and I knew if I had the option to play in-state that I was going to take it."

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