A Quick Conversation With Les Miles

We caught up with the Cowboys Head Coach on his media golf day at Karsten Creek in between television interviews and hit a few basics, nothing in depth, just his feelings on the summer, strength and conditioning, and recruiting.

OSSR: This has been one of the best summer in the history of the program, atleast as you've known it, hasn't it?

Miles: I think you're right. I think our guys are stronger and faster. We've recruited extremely well. I think the summer has been productive overall. I look forward to seeing this group of guys come in August 8th, we'll know for sure then.

OSSR: I know you and your staff can't be involved in the strength and conditioning workouts. You couldn't even attend the Night of Champions to see that 500 pound bench press by your fullback. It would seem that you would be happy with the feedback you've received.

Miles: I think there are exceptional performances within our summer program. I think our guys have bought in to what Coach Calcagno and his staff have done. Shawn Willis, the fullback that bench pressed 500 pounds, what a lift for a skill guy.

OSSR: How about the way you and your coaches have been received in recruiting. I know you can't mention names, but that seems to have gone very well.

Miles: They have seen the success that we've had the last two years. Thy've seen the experience that our players are having on campus, getting degrees, playing in bowl games, and having the opportunity to play for championships. We are having a great start to a tremendous recruiting year. We have a number of talented young guys committed who are class and we are looking forward to adding to that in the near future.

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