Seth Newton Q&A

STILLWATER ( -- Question: Why did you choose Oklahoma State?
Seth Newton: I felt it was the perfect fit for me. It reminds me a lot of where I am from because its a small town. I really like the coaches and they made me feel like I was wanted, so that is why I chose to come here.

Q: What are your expectations this season for you and the team?
SN: For me, I'm kind of hoping for a redshirt season because I'm not nearly strong enough to play right away. I just want to get through this season and watch the older guys and learn a lot, then get in the weight room and get a lot stronger and faster. Then for the team, we should have a pretty good team because we have a lot of young receivers, but I think we have a lot of good athletes and we should come through with a strong running game too.

Q: What do you expect your biggest adjustment from high school to Division I to be?
SN: The speed of the game is the main thing. That is pretty much the only thing. The concepts are a lot more in depth than they were in high school. You beat a lot of people in high school just off of your athleticism and at this level you have to have technique and athleticism or you can't do anything.

Q:Have there been any surprises about college football so far?
SN: No, I've been here all summer so there were no surprises, just the speed of the game and how physical everyone is.

Q: What is it like trying to fill in the hole of where Rashaun Woods used to be?
SN: Those are really big shoes to fill. Just from watching him on television and games you know he is a good player, but watching him on film and trying to do some of the things he did makes you realize how good he really is.

Q: What is your biggest asset on the football field?
SN: The thing I am good at is listening to what I am told and not making the same mistake twice. I also have pretty good hands.

Q: How has fall camp gone so far?
SN: It is going pretty good. It is just a hard adjustment even though I was here all summer playing seven-on-seven. Practice is a lot different and a lot more physical.

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