Practice Report 18 - Defense Flexes Muscle

In the preseason, when you scrimmage, there is always good news and bad news. The Cowboys went through a three-hour practice Thursday evening with the final hour consisting of a 66-play live, situational scrimmage. The bad news was the offense had a hard time against an aggressive opportunistic defense, which is the good news.

The scrimmage for the most part featured good versus good - first team defense against first team offense, second team vs. second team, and thirds vs. thirds. It was all held on the defensive end of the field in plus territory for the offense with various situations starting at the 40-, 20-, and 10-yard lines.

The scrimmage started fine with a 4-yard pile driving carry by fullback Shawn Willis. But on the third play cornerback Ricky Coxeff made a break on the ball thrown by quarterback Donovan Woods and the sophomore from Galena Park North Shore was off to the races with a 74-yard return.

Woods finished the day hitting just 3-for-13 passing with three intereceptions and one touchdown. His task was made more difficult by a strong pass rush. Of course, all the defense had to do was tag the quarterback and the whistle blew. In all, there were six sacks for 23 yards in losses.

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