One-on-One with Donovan Woods

He's the new starting quarterback for the Cowboys, just a week away from his debut. We sat down and talked with Cowboys QB Donovan Woods.

GP: How excited are you now that it's here, game week?
DW: I'm real excited. I'm ready for it to get here so I can experience all the things everybody is talking about and some things that I'm curious about. I want to experience it for myself. I'm ready to play.

GP: How much does it help having some real veterans like guard Sam Mayes and tight end Billy Bajema in that huddle and on the field with you?
DW: It is definitely good to know that those guys have been in the fight and fought in the war. Sometimes they keep me in line because I'm still a young guy. They really keep me in line.

GP: You've played in state championship games and I've never seen you rattle. You are self confident and pretty level headed. Have you thought about how certain things will come up and how you will react to them. Will you say this is just like being a Millwood Falcon?
DW: It's all going to be football. It's not going to be something that I've never done before or something that I've never been up against. I'm just going to go out and play football. I'm pretty sure there is going to be some adversity, if not in the first game then throughout the season. You just fight through it and continue to persevere and do the things you have to do to be successful.

GP: Do you like the film study? Do you enjoy going in the film room with Mike Gundy and the other quarterbacks and dissecting a defense like UCLA?
DW: It's really fun when you see the things that they (coaches) do and then see the tendencies that they have. You kind of look and make your scheme better and find the ways that you can to attack their defense and have success. It's a big advantage what our coaches bring in the film room and it is something that I am really taking advantage of. The coaching staff has done a great job.

GP: Okay, what is your favorite class this semester and what is your hardest class?
DW: Right now I would say entomology, that is the study of insects and things like that. It is a pretty entertaining class and the professor is pretty entertaining. My hardest class would be econ. I have an econ class that looks like it will be pretty difficult. I have a pretty tough schedule. I know I'm going to take care of business.

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