Depth Chart & Analysis for OSU-TU

Here is the official Oklahoma State depth chart for the Tulsa game on Saturday with a few notes of analysis. It is subject to change during the week.

LT 75 Corey Hilliard, 6-5, 300, So.
66 Corey Curtis, 6-4, 290, Jr.
LG 61 David Koenig, 6-4, 285, RS Fr.
74 Doug Bond, 6-2, 300, So.
C 69 Chris Akin, 6-2, 300, Sr.
72 Kurt Seifried, 6-4, 305, So.
RG 76 Sam Mayes, 6-3, 325, Sr.
63 David Washington, 6-4, 275, Fr.
RT 78 Kellen Davis, 6-5, 290, Jr.
69 Adam Gourley, 6-6, 290, Jr.
TE 86 Billy Bajema, 6-5, 265, Sr.
80 Charlie Johnson, 6-4, 270, Jr.
Analysis: Only one change after the UCLA game and that is Corey Curtis back in good graces and moving in behind Corey Hilliard at left tackle. Curtis is valuable because he can play any position on the line from left tackle to center to right tackle. He is also a former starter. David Koenig played well at left guard in his first start. The Cowboy offensive line will outsize Tulsa considerably, so expect more pounding in the running game. Tulsa even lost its starter at nose guard (freshman Brandon Jones) to a knee injury versus Kansas.

WR 83 Chijuan Mack, 6-3, 185, RS Fr.
28 Tommy Devereaux, 6-1, 170, So.
WR 84 D'Juan Woods, 6-1, 195, So.
15 Kenny Williams, 6-4, 215, Jr.
FL 24 Luke Frazier, 6-0, 205, Jr.
11 Prentiss Elliott, 6-0, 175, Fr.
Analysis: Just one change as Prentiss Elliott moves into the two deep. He is the only Cowboy receiver to catch a pass so far this season. The wide receivers did an excellent job of blocking against UCLA, according to assistant coach Todd Monken. This week I'll predict that they will catch some passes.

QB 8 Donovan Woods, 6-2, 215, RS Fr.
18 Jamie Beeghley, 6-1, 200, So.
or 4 Al Pena, 6-3, 205, RS Fr.
FB 37 Shawn Willis, 6-1, 260, Jr.
32 Julius Crosslin, 5-11, 235, RS Fr.
TB 33 Vernand Morency, 5-10, 215, Jr.
27 Greg Jones, 5-9, 205, Sr.
2 Seymore Shaw, 5-11, 215, Sr.
Analysis: Morency's 261 yards and two touchdowns solidified him as the No. 1 tailback. The backups will play to get fresh legs in the game and they are plenty talented too. The backup quarterback situation remains the same with the situation dictating who would go in. Shawn Willis injured his ankle early in the UCLA game but fought through it to play in situations. He will play this week. Julius Crosslin showed in the meantime that he can handle the chores there too.

RE 97 Marque Fountain, 6-1, 260, So.
56 Maurice Cummings, 6-4, 245, Fr.
DT 92 Brad Girtman, 6-5, 300, So.
or 90 Xavier Lawson-Kennedy, 6-1, 310, So.
77 Walter Thomas, 6-5, 340, Fr.
NG 96 Clay Coe, 6-2, 295, Sr.
59 Chad Townsend, 6-1, 295, Jr.
DE 81 Jerry Don Bray, 6-5, 265, Jr.
50 Darnell Smith, 6-0, 260, So.
Analysis: Xavier Lawson-Kennedy earns the "or" at defensive tackle. Yes, Girtman has a gimpy ankle, but likely will play against Tulsa. However, XLK earned the promotion with three tackles and a solid game at UCLA. It was his best effort since coming to Oklahoma State, but the coaching staff believes there is room for improvement. Maurice Cummings is another player who could move up the ladder as he played very well. And freshman Walter Thomas moves in to the chart as the third defensive tackle. He and XLK got more push than any of the linemen against UCLA. Thomas helped cause a fumble. He is still learning what he is doing, but like Girtman and Fountain last year as freshmen, he does it full speed and hustles.

MLB 99 Lawrence Pinson, 6-1, 240, Jr.
51 Victor DeGrate, 6-3, 250, So.
OLB 12 Paul Duren, 6-1, 240, Jr.
41 Pagitte McGee 6-1, 235, Jr.
Analysis: No change. Victor DeGrate was not expected to play last week because of injury. DeGrate got in and had the hit of the game when he plastered UCLA tailback Maurice Drew on a tackle with a big upper body blow. DeGrate is good to go and everybody came out healthy from California.

LCB 9 Darrent Williams, 5-9, 180, Sr.
5 Ricky Coxeff, 5-11, 175, So.
SS 20 Vernon Grant, 5-9, 185, Jr.
30 Grant Jones, 5-10, 195, So.
FS 17 Jon Holland, 5-11, 185. Sr.
10 Thomas Wright, 6-0, 185, Jr.
WS 23 Jamie Thompson, 6-0, 190, Jr.
19 Jeremy Nethon, 5-9, 190, So.
RCB 6 Robert Jones, 5-11, 190, Sr.
4 Daniel McLemore, 5-7, 160, Jr.
Analysis: Cramps bothered the defensive backs and an unspecified foot injury kept Darrent Williams out for the second half. My personal guess is that Williams will be okay. Jamar Ransom is out for another week or two, but Jeremy Nethon has moved in and is a very capable backup for Thompson, who played so well he is a captain along with Vernand Morency for the Tulsa game.

K 47 Jason Ricks, 6-1, 180, Fr.
28 Luke Roberts, 5-10, 175, RS Fr.
P 18 Cole Farden, 5-11, 200, Sr.
47 Jason Ricks, 6-1, 180, Fr.
DS 55 Jacob Dressen, 6-4, 275, Sr.
45 Brady Nix, 6-1, 225, RS Fr.
Holder 85 John Wohlgemuth, 6-1, 185, Sr.
PR 9 Darrent Williams, 5-9, 180, Sr.
4 Daniel McLemore, 5-7, 160, Jr.
KR 6 Robert Jones, 5-11, 190, Sr.
and 4 Daniel McLemore, 5-7, 160, Jr.
Analysis: Ricks played well in his first game as a Cowboy. There is nothing else to say other than Joe DeForest will be working out the first game kinks with his crew for this week.

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