This is an opponent I don't ever want to play. EVER. This team is made up of a bunch of Oklahoma kids who were all snubbed by OSU in the recruiting process.

These kids who are consistently told they aren't good enough for the "big" schools in the state.

They have a coach who is one of the best motivators in the country.

He's who is one of the best offensive minds in the country.

This is an opponent with experience at quarterback and all of the skill positions.

Yes, I am talking about TU.

Am I scared of TU? YOU BET I AM!

One TU source told me, "While OSU has been thinking about UCLA all summer, our kids have been thinking about OSU all summer."

This is the biggest game on their schedule all season. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

This is plain ole stupid. Cancelling this series is about the only thing Bob Simmons did that I agree with.

Ya, let's schedule these guys for another decade and go 5-5!  (That is sarcasm.)

I would rather schedule Illinois or North Carolina or Arkansas. We can go 5-5 against those teams and get some RESPECT when we win and provide a good regional match-up for TV.

Or play TCU or Houston for recruiting purposes. But don't play this game for any reason.

"But it's a good game for our fans in Tulsa!" - if our "fans" in Tulsa can't drive to Stillwater, they ain't real fans.

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