Captain's Report

Each week throughout the football season we'll be visiting with the captain's selected for that week's game. Captains for the home opener against Tulsa are safety Jamie Thompson, linebacker Lawrence Pinson and tailback Vernand Morency.

Safety Jamie Thompson
GP: When UCLA was driving down the field you intercepted Drew Olson?s pass inside the red zone. What were you thinking when you picked the pass off?
JT: I was thinking that I needed to get it to the other end as fast as I could. I think that the wind caught up to me because it is different when you are on the field, but it looked like if I had stayed outside I could have scored.?

GP: The secondary seemed like they were going in and out every other play because they were cramping up. You went out at one point of the game, can you explain what happened when you went out?
JT: I was doing pretty good out there during the game. I went out early on because my chin strap broke. We conditioned well the week before the game, and I also hydrated myself well before the game, so I had no problems.?

GP: With UCLA out of the way, it'?s time to focus on Tulsa. What are your thoughts on that game, and what does the defense need to work on before Saturday?
JT: We just have to stay focused and get prepared. You can'?t take them lightly because they are an in-state team that will play hard and come to win. This week we just need to work on keying on our guys.?

GP: How does it feel being named captain for Tulsa?
JT: It feels pretty good that I know my team believes in me to be a leader out on the field.?

Linebacker Lawrence Pinson
GP: How does it feel to be back healthy for your first game back winning in the Rose Bowl?
LP: It felt real good just being with my teammates. I was excited to be back in front of all the fans, and to play college football again.?

GP: All of the linebackers came in during the game and played the best they could. How do you feel about the way you all played?
LP: I think we did a pretty good job. There are a lot of things we need to work on to improve for next week. I think overall, the effort was there and that we need to get better each week we play.?

GP: When Robert Jones recovered the fumble, it almost looked like you had it in your hands. Explain what happened.
LP: It'?s been playing in my head over and over since the day of the game. I remember just running over there to make the tackle because I saw Jamie up there fighting with the runner. I saw the ball come out and my hands went to reach and grab for it. Then the ball just tipped off my hands into Robert Jones? hands. On the sidelines after the play was over, Robert came over to tell me thanks, and I told him I should of had it.?

GP: Vernon Grant is a big competitor and character on this team. What was he like on the sidelines after he made his interception?
LP: Actually, I think he was tired after everybody came and congratulated him. I think that we were all excited about the first win, and that we all played hard. Despite a couple guys not being able to finish the game due to cramps and other injuries.?

Tailback Vernand Morency
GP: After the UCLA game, many fans are talking about you being a Heisman candidate. What are your thoughts on being known for that?
VM: It's a great honor that people respect me as well as my teammates. You can?'t be mentioned for something like that without your teammates.?

GP; The offensive line was a huge part in the win. As a team the Cowboys ran for 426 yards and four touchdowns. Did they make it easier for you and the other backs on Saturday?
LP: They made it easy for me because of all the linemen, tight ends and the blocking the wide receivers did down field. They just blocked and did everything they could do.?

GP: The Big 12 announced you as offensive player of the week. Working as hard as you did on Saturday, do you believe that you have a chance of being named this every week you compete?
VM: I firmly believe we can do some great things. We all practice hard, and we all have the same mind sets. It?'s just exciting to get that first win in, and we just need to continue on getting better.?

GP: How does it feel being named captain for the home opener?
VM: It?'s a great honor because my teammates and coaching staff selected me. I will do the best of my ability to lead by example on and off the field. It'?s just a great honor and I will cherish it for life.?

GP: Barry Sanders and David Thompson are the only former Cowboys that have rushed for more than 300 yards, and you totaled out at 261 yards. Were you thinking 300 yards at one point?
VM: Coach has a mind set on how many yards we should have. My mind set is what the coaches tell me I need to have to be successful in a game, and I try my best to get it.?

GP: The moves you were putting on the UCLA defense reminded many of Barry. On the broadcast they were comparing you to him at different times. How does it feel that people would compare you to Barry Sanders?
VM: It?'s unbelievable because Barry is like God. When you speak of OSU, the first words you hear when you get here is Barry Sanders. It'?s a great honor, but Barry is the man.?

GP; Coming up this weekend is Tulsa. What are your thoughts on the Hurricane?
VM: I have great respect for Tulsa because the team is well coached. We know it is going to be a dog fight. As a whole team we just need to go out there and have fun and come away with another win.?

GP: After the UCLA game, many of the players were celebrating with Gary Busey. You were down there also, what was it like?
VM: It was a great deal, and the whole time I was on the sidelines talking to him. He said it was nice to come down and watch us play. I asked him to come down to Stillwater to watch us play, and he said that he would love to. It?'s a honor to have celebrities on your sideline cheering for you.?

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