One-on-One with Lawrence Pinson

Linebacker Lawrence Pinson's return to the football field in the Cowboys' opener against UCLA was more than he expected. Pinson was returning after missing most of last season when he broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg against Louisiana-Lafayette in the fifth game of the season. After several surgeries, including pins and screws being used to hold his leg bones together, than came months of grueling rehabilitation.
It all paid off when he ran on the Rose Bowl field last Saturday. Not only did he play, but he played well -- tying for the team-lead with seven tackles (Darrent Williams and Paul Duren also were credited with seven) -- in helping the Cowboys to a 31-20 victory over the Bruins. Pinson share d some of his thoughts on playing TU, and former Jenks High School teammate Garrett Mills, on Saturday night at Boone Pickens Stadium.

GP: Are you looking forward to playing against Tulsa and some of your former Jenks High School teammates?
LP: It's going to be exciting, definitely excitiing. I know most of the guys on their team. Anytime we play an in-state team ... everybody wants to be the best team in the state. I know they're going to come with their best game, so we've got to come with ours. We're really looking forward to it.

GP: Who are some of the TU players you know?
LP: (Tight end) Garrett Mills. I know most of their players.

GP: Are you going to be looking for Mills?
LP: Definitely (laughing). I can't wait to look him up. I can't wait to see him on the field.

GP: Is a loss to Tulsa worse than any other loss, or is a loss a loss no matter who you're playing?
LP: A loss is a loss but it definitely would have more impact to lose to Tulsa just because we're in the same state, and I know a lot of those guys. Just the fact that I know them and I would have to hear Garrett Mills for the next year, especially if this is our last game (in the series). I think it would definitely have more of an impact.

GP: What was it like last week getting back on the field for the first time since your injury last season?
LP: I definitely was a little hesitant when I first got back out there. I was a little nervous, but after a while I just forgot about everything. Things started running together. It's like riding a bike. Even if you've been off for a while but eventually you get back in the groove.

GP: Were there any moments at all that you thought about the leg and the injury?
LP: To be honest, I guess my intensity and just the energy of being back out there... I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. I usually don't during the games but afterwards that's when I'm sore from just playing the game. But as far as my ankle, I didn't even think about it while I was out there.

GP: How did Lawrence Pinson play in his first game back?
LP: Personally, I think I played OK. I thought I did a lot worse than I did just because I was a little shaky at times, but after watching it again (on film) I felt like I was moving ... I guess I was just questioning my speed compared to other people but after watching it I guess I was moving a lot faster than I thought I was. So I guess I did all right.

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