Les Miles News Conference Quotes

These are selected comments from OSU Head Coach Les Miles from his weekly press conference on Monday, Sept. 13, prior to the SMU game. (These quotes originate from OSU Sports Information and can be accessed on www.okstate.com.)

On the next game against SMU: "We are looking forward to SMU's challenge. I think SMU is better than they have been. TCU (beat SMU 44-0 on Saturday) had a tremendous game plan. They were very effective offensively against SMU. That is a very poignant rivalry in the Dallas Metroplex area. SMU has played two really good offensive football teams. I think they are much better than what they were a year ago."

On how SMU has improved: "One thing they have done is that they have maintained some consistency on defense. They have the flexibility to call and do whatever they want to do. They are playing better because they have stayed with a consistent theme. I expect them to be very similar to what they were a year ago."

On throwing the football more: "I think we will throw the ball more against SMU. There is not any question that that will fall into our game plan."

On Saturday's game against Tulsa: "I think we were particularly sharp last week in a number of areas. There are certain guys that recognize that they will need to make adjustments to improve not only for this week, but for the remainder of the season. I think we were very sharp in some places, but consistency was not there for the entire game last week."

On the improvements that need to be made: "We need to make improvements in all three areas. There are some rough edges on special teams that we are working to shore up. We think we can return punts on anybody, and we cannot have the penalties that we had in our last game. Our offense has to be better on technique on the inside. We can rush for more yards, but Tulsa had a good game plan. If we are going to control the ball more often, we have to get better in the passing game. On defense we have to learn how to finish games. There is a lot of improvement that needs to be made on a weekly basis."

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