Captain's Report

Wide Receiver Luke Frazier
GP: What were your thoughts on Tulsa?
LF: We worked hard to get the win. In the second half we had to improve on executing because in the first quarter we came out slow.?
GP: You block well for a wide receiver, what is it like blocking for a team that is one of the best running teams in the nation?
LF: It'?s fun because we always know that any play can break. The running game makes us wide receivers work hard every play because you'?re always blocking that last guy that can cause our running back to break a big play and I take pride in it.?
GP: How special is it being named captain for the SMU game?
LF: It'?s real special because all of this hard work has been recognized, and it feels good.?
GP: What are your thoughts on SMU after watching films and from playing them last year?
LF: They are going to make us throw the football a lot this week. It'?s always good to practice on the passing game. They'?re a lot better than everyone thinks they are, and it?'s going to be a challenge to improve this week. I think that we?re going to come out and be more focused on getting the job done.?

Defensive Back Daniel McLemore
GP: How does it feel being named captain for this week against SMU?
DM: It feels great because the coaching staff and my teammates selected me. Being selected captain makes you wanna work harder in practice.?
GP: What is it like being on a Cowboy team that has started off 2-0?
LF: When I came in, there were guys like Greg Richmond and Elbert Craig. They told me that they have never started off 2-0, and that they have never won the first game. With us winning in the Rose Bowl against UCLA, then the home opener against Tulsa, now we have a chance to go 3-0 if we come out with a win this weekend. We just need to continue working hard at practice.?
GP: You and Vernon Grant seem like you both play the same style of game. What is it like playing with him?
DM: I grew up with Vernon and we both came from the same high school. He is more hyper, and I?'m more of the calm and quiet guy. When we'?re both on the field, we help out and motivate each other to go out and make a big play.?
GP: What were your thoughts on the Tulsa offense?
DM: They came came out and played their hearts out. I got to play against my old teammate from high school. He was one of the wide receivers Tulsa had, and I got to up against him.?
GP: The punt return team got a a touchdown last week against Tulsa. Do you feel that the kickoff return team might have a chance of returning one this year?
DM: I feel that we always have the opportunity to return one because we have great blockers, great returners and we have coach DeForest, who I think is the best special teams coach in the nation.?

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