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Crowd Support Appreciated
Les Miles said the near capacity crowd of 46,073 for the SMU game was noticed and appreciated. It was a game that the OSU athletic administration was concerned that some fans would skip. Cowboy fans have traditionally balked at attending some of the games with less celebrated opponents, but not Saturday night.
"It was certainly a pleasing environment," observed Miles. "It's nice to come on the field and look up and there seems to be a person in every seat. I noticed at the walk, I saw the tailgating, and it also seemed to me to be an environment that is a lot of fun."
"I want to salute our fans," said athletic director Harry Birdwell on the Cowboy Football Network broadcast. "It was a hot day and a hot evening, but they have come out and honored this football team by being here. I really feel our fans are on the right track and they are just as determined as we are to take this football program to heights it has never enjoyed. Our fans are doing a fantastic job."

Last Time 3-0
The Tulsa World's Bill Haisten reminded Miles of the last time he was 3-0 as a coach. Cowboy fans will remember that Miles was part of the Bob Simmons staff as offensive coordinator that started 6-0 in 1997 on the way to the Alamo Bowl. However, Miles was the tight ends coach when the Dallas Cowboys started 3-0 in the 1999 NFL season. Miles wasn't remembering what happened after that, and when Haisten reminded him that Dallas lost four of their next five, he really wasn't eager to go there.
"I don't want to focus on that," said Miles.

As Healthy As One Could Hope
When it was pointed out by this reporter that the Cowboys have yet to suffer any major injuries, and that any injured players (Brad Girtman and Clay Coe) held out from the SMU game would be back for the Iowa State contest, Miles agreed that the injury situation or lack of was as good as could be hoped for at this point.
"Yes, we are healthy," said Miles. "We are nicked and bruised, but we should have everybody ready to go after the off week."

UCLA Win Is Looking Good
Since the Cowboys opened up by beating UCLA 31-20 in the Rose Bowl, the Bruins have gone on the road on consecutive Saturday's and made that win look even better. Two weeks ago UCLA beat up on a less than average Illinois team, but they did it on the road. This past Saturday the Bruins went into Husky Stadium in Seattle and held on to knock off Washington 37-31. The UCLA defense had to come up with a stop on the final play of the game, and tailback Maurice Drew, who rushed for 156 yards against OSU, broke out with a school record 322 yards and five touchdowns against the Huskies.
"That win is looking better," said Miles with a chuckle. "They were pretty good. We knew they had a tailback, three very talented wide receivers, and a tight end that could run and catch. They have plenty of weapons."

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