Captain's Report

Corey Hilliard
GP: How does it feel being captain for the Big 12 opener?
CH: It feels good, with the combination of all the hard work and being honored.
? GP: What are your thoughts on starting Big 12 play?
CH: After winning the first three games, we have a lot of confidence in what we can do throughout the season. This week against Iowa State, we believe that they are a really good team with a fast defense. It?'s not going to be an easy game by no means, so we just have to go out on the field and stay focused. Then hopefully come out with a win.
GP: Explain what it?'s like being part of one of the best rushing offensive teams in the nation.
CH: We take pride in getting the job done and having the best running back in the nation. When you have one of the best running backs in the nation, you just want to get him more yards. This year has felt great and we want to continue on what we?ve been doing.?
GP: The team set a goal to start 3-0, you all achieved that goal. What is the next goal for this team?
?CH: I think that as a team our goal is to play in a BCS bowl game and win a Big 12 championship.?

Vernon Grant
GP: How does it feel being ranked with a 3-0 record?
VG: It feels real good going into Big 12 play without a loss. If we come out and win this next game, I believe that we will make a statement to the Big 12 that we are a great team and that we come to play every game.?
GP: With a week to prepare, do you feel like the defense is ready for Iowa State?
VG: I feel that the defense is more prepared than we were at the beginning of the season because we had a week to get ready for this game. We just learn our scheme to get a better understanding for Iowa State. I feel real confident in what our team has done and what the team will do the rest of the season.?
GP: It seems like you have been all over the field every play, with pass breakups and a couple of interceptions. Explain what you do out on the field to be successful.
VG: The coaches always stress getting to the ball. My main objective has always been wherever the ball is I try to be there. I am out there doing my best if I?'m tired or not. If the ball is on the other side of the field I just try to run over there because anything can happen. A ball can be tipped and I could get an interception, or a ball can be stripped out and a fumble can be forced.?
GP: How does it feel to always know you're one of the smallest players on the field?
VG: I feel real confident, but I know I?'m not the tallest. I just use my ability that God gave me to just go and give 100 percent on each play.?

Jamie Thompson
GP: What motivates you to get ready for each game?
JT: I don?'t really have anything that motivates me. Before each game I go out on the field and pray. In my mind, I focus on what I need to do in the game.?
GP: Oklahoma State has always had great fan support. How are the fans important to players?
JT: The fan support is great. With the new additions to the stadium it has given the fans another thing to be happy about. We enjoy everything they do for us, and hopefully we?ll keep getting more fans to come out and support us.?
GP: What are your thoughts on the Iowa State offense?
JT: Their offense is pretty good, but they are pretty vanilla in what they do. They use two quaterbacks, with one being a run-and-gun type, (and) the other one is more of a passing quarterback.?

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