On the Hot Seat

I sat down with Vernon Grant, Donovan Woods, Jamie Thompson and Corey Hilliard earlier this week and asked each of them to take part in a word association interview, giving me a short reply to each question. The players had a few laughs as they listened to each other's answers.

GP: Rap or rock?
Grant: Rap.
Woods: Rap.
Thompson: Rap.
Hilliard: Rap.

GP: Rap or R&B?
Grant: Both.
Woods: R&B.
Thompson: R&B.
Hilliard: Rap.

GP: What's in your CD player?
Grant: Gospel. Kirk Franklin.
Thompson: Gospel. Kirk Franklin.
Hilliard: Tupac.

Bush or Kerry?
Grant: Kerry.
Woods: I don't know.
Thompson: Kerry.
Hilliard: (laughing) Undecided.

GP: Vernand Morency or USC tailback Reggie Bush?
Grant: No doubt, Morency.
Woods: Morency.
Thompson: Vernand Morency.
Hilliard: Vernand Morency.

GP: Darrent Williams as a punt returner?
Grant: A playmaker. When you say Darrent Williams I think of playmaker, somebody who is going to get into the end zone no matter what the situation is or no matter how many players are left unblocked.
Woods: Touchdown.
Thompson: Blazing speed.
Hilliard: Excitement.

GP: Philadelphia Eagles or Seattle Seahawks?
Grant: Philadelphia Eagles. I like the combination they have now of TO (Terrell Owens) and (Donovan) McNabb.
Woods: Philadelphia Eagles.
Thompson: Philadelphia Eagles because of Donovan McNabb.
Hilliard: Seahawks.

GP: New York Yankees of Los Angeles Dodgers?
Grant: Yankees.
Woods: Yankees.
Thompson: I go with the Yankees.
Hilliard: LA Dodgers.

GP: Halle Berry or Beyonce?
Grant: Beyonce, that's my dream girl.
Woods: Halle Berry.
Thompson: (laughing) Can I take both? I say ... give me Halle Berry.
Hilliard: Halle Berry.

GP: The OSU offense?
Grant: They'll pound you play after play, never stopping, never giving up. It's a real pounding, hardcore offense.
Woods: Moving along.
Thompson: Very tenacious. Very powerful.
Hilliard: Tenacious.

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