Mr. Turnover: Jamie Thompson

OSU weak safety Jamie Thompson is a junior. There has been some controversy as to whether the Butler County (Kans.) Community College product was a junior or senior. No, it will be good to have the 6-0, 190-pounder back for another go round in 2005.

One of the biggest reasons the Cowboys are off to the unbeaten 3-0 start is the turnover margin – 10 turnovers for the good guys and none for the bad guys. Thompson has forced a fumble and picked off a pass. Mainly, Thompson is around, he's there when things happen, and that is by his design.

"I just like to be known as a ball hawk," said Thompson, who shares that knack with Vernon Grant, Robert Jones and Darrent Williams. "I just want to get to the ball. If it up in the air, I like to get to the ball. If it on the ground, I like to get to the ball. You get to the ball and things happen. I like to be a leader for my team, and getting turnovers is a good way to do that."

Thompson understands that forcing and collecting turnovers doesn't provide an excuse for a loose defense, but that attribute can come in handy on those tough days against the likes of Oklahoma, Texas and even full throttle Texas Tech.

"Turnovers are the key," said Thompson. "If you can get a lot of turnovers then you can win a lot of football games."

Saturday is the start of Big 12 play and it finds Thompson and the Cowboys a solid favorite over the Cyclones. He's seen the video and he sees a team the Cowboys better take seriously and have prepared for intently this week.

"Iowa State is very capable from what I've seen on film. They are capable of coming out here and doing what they need to win. As a team we need to step up our effort and take care of our business to get started in the Big 12."

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