OSU-ISU Matchups

Let's start with this general premise: If Oklahoma State and Iowa State both come out and play their average game, their best game or their worst game – as long as they match each other – then Oklahoma State wins by a couple of scores. The reason they play all the games on the schedule is those biorhythm things don't always match up on particular Saturdays. That said, here are the key matchups.

OSU Offensive Line vs. ISU Defensive Front
Iowa State is ranked 11th in the nation and second in the Big 12 in rush defense. The Oklahoma State coaching staff will be the first one to tell you that Iowa State's defensive staff does a great job of scheming against the run. The Cyclones have added beef in their defensive line with the likes of 6-0, 300-pound fireplug Brent Curvey and 6-2, 290-pounder Nick Leaders.
The linebackers are aggressive and the Cyclones use a lot of run blitzes that protect gaps against the run. Against Oklahoma State they will have the chance to show how physical they can be up front. Sam Mayes, David Koenig, Corey Hilliard and company love to smack people around. Sparks will be flying in the trenches, and our guess is the predominant movement of the afternoon will be backwards for Iowa State and full speed ahead for the Cowboys. Iowa State is better than UCLA, Tulsa and SMU up front, but they are not the line that will stop the Cowboy offensive line.
Edge to OSU(br>
OSU Secondary vs. ISU Receivers
Iowa State would like to run the football, but they are average in the offensive line and that leads us to the passing game. This Cyclone line can protect and OSU has struggled in rushing the quarterback. Both Bret Meyer and Austin Flynn can move around and buy some time.
That means we need to know if the Cyclone receivers can get open against the Cowboy secondary. Todd Blythe is a 6-5 redshirt freshman who catches the ball well and has the real look of a playmaker. The size matchup is difficult, but the corners of Darrent Williams and Robert Jones will be able to not only hold up, but I'll predict at least two interceptions for the O-State secondary.
Edge to OSU

OSU Returns vs. ISU Punt and Kickoff Units
Iowa State has some interesting looks on special teams, but nobody has stopped Darrent Williams yet. The Cyclones should consider punting out of bounds. OSU has yet to crank up kickoff returns. This will be the week.
Edge to OSU

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