Monday Press Conference - Les Miles Quotes

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Head Coach Les Miles On improving each week

"I think our team is improving. We understand that in order for this team to do what it needs to do, it has to continue to get better and that starts with this week's practice. Hopefully that preparation will result in better play Saturday against A&M."

On the team's +15 turnover margin

"Certainly we don't want to change the turnover margin for us. We're gonna go in and do the same things we have done, and hopefully when the game is concluded, the turnover margin will favor us."

On Texas A&M

"I think they are a great football team across the board. Coach Franchione has done a tremendous job preparing his team, and I think their players are playing for him and they understand that they have to comply."

On freshman quarterback Donovan Woods

"Donovan Woods has an unusual ability to understand our offense, and what he needs to do within that scheme to help this football team win. I think that his perspective is extremely healthy, and his understanding of our offense gives us the opportunity to operate at a high level."

On freshman defensive end Nathan Peterson

"Nathan was a very talented high school athlete and it always takes some time to get a guy on campus, and getting used to what we are going to expect from him in the college ranks. What he has done is remarkable, he came out of spring on the two deep and continued to improve his technique and understand what the scheme needs from him. He has pursued it extremely well and he is a very talented athlete. He's quick and he has natural ability to play low and strong. We are fortunate that he has come along as fast as he has. He plays hard from snap to whistle and he does it every time and when he is in the game, we are getting everything he's got."

On Texas A&M quarterback Reggie McNeal

"He is doing a great job throwing the football and running their offense. He is the guy that makes them tick and he is having a great year."

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