GP Game Week Feature:Cowboy Notes

Good News On Injury Front The Cowboys have some good news on the injury front as cornerback Darrent Williams just might see duty on Saturday against Texas A&M. The All Big 12 and Preseason All American cornerback and punt returner broke his right forearm in the final moments of the win over Iowa State and missed last Saturday's win over Colorado. He would be listed as possible for the upcoming A&M game.

The cast on his arm could be padded so that he could play. That decision will be made later in the week.

The other good news is that weak safety Jamie Thompson, the Cowboys "Mr. Turnover" in the good sense, will be back in the lineup for the Texas A&M game. Thompson's knee injury in the later stages of the Colorado game turned out to be a bruise. He missed practice Sunday night and Tuesday, but is due back on the field to prepare for Texas A&M on Wednesday.

Morency Knows His Biggest Fans The nation's leading rusher Vernand Morency knows who his biggest fans are. They line up right in front of him on every play. The Cowboy offensive line takes great pride in every yard Morency adds to this total. They are constantly asking between series what his numbers are. The 869-yards and the 6.6-yards per carry make those big linemen from Corey Hilliard to center Chris Akin to guard Sam Mayes and the entire crew including tight ends stick their chests out with pride.

"That's why I love them to death," said Morency of his O-line fan club. "I wouldn't trade them for anyone in the world. That's why I feel they are the best offensive line in America. I know they give me their all, and I'm going to pay them with all my effort on every carry."

Morency understands that those yards that go to his credit and have him leading the nation in rushing by six-yards a game over Texas' Cedric Benson are a team accomplishment.

"It's paying great homage to the coaching staff for putting in great game plans and great schemes, and also the line and receivers blocking downfield, just their attitude in the huddle, let's go get it done," said Morency of the team aspect of his national standing. "That's what it is, a team accomplishment."

Morency wants to credit one other crew, those that work in the basement of the Athletic Center. He credits them with his physical conditioning and that he isn't worn down.

"I'm fresh. You have to give credit to the coaches downstairs that don't get any credit at all, like Gary (Calcagno) and his strength staff, (David) Deets. I work with them everyday. They are doing a great job."

Woods Better Every Game You figure that every player gets better every game, especially young players like redshirt freshmen. Donovan Woods numbers have improved every game, but Vernand Morency says Woods has improved in other areas only those other 10 guys out there in the huddle would know about.

"He's a lot better, just his poise and confidence," said Morency of Woods. "You have no choice but to grow, and he's grown fast."

Woods said he thought he was pretty good in the first game against UCLA, in fact his favorite completion so far this season was the improvised scramble that produced a throw on the run and jump to fullback Shawn Willis. He says he appreciates the comment from Morency, and hopes his tailback and the rest of his teammates continue to feel he's improving.

McNeal The Key In Aggie Game The hero on defense in the Colorado game, linebacker Paul Duren said this week the key for the Cowboy defense is easy. They have to keep Texas A&M quarterback Reggie McNeal in an imaginary jail with no escape.

"He's a dual threat guy, we have to contain," said Duren. "That is the whole thing. Let him out of the pocket and he can make plays. Our defensive ends have to contain."

That means Duren, the quarterback of the defense, will pay special attention to helping ends Darnell Smith and true freshman and team sack leader Nathan Peterson. Duren feels with those two and depth like Marque Fountain and Jerry Don Bray is just an example of how this Cowboy defense is better than ever.

"We've had some better players in some positions, but overall, this is the best our defense has been since I've been here<" said Duren with conviction. "Our depth is so much greater. We've got two or more players that can come in at every position."

Welker Isn't the Only Heritage Hall Jack of All Trades The former Heritage Hall All Stater and Texas Tech standout, Wes Welker, wasted no time in making himself known in the NFL as he became the first league player to return kicks and kick a field goal in the same game in over 25-years. Cowboys safety and special teamer Chase Holland played with Welker in high school at Heritage Hall and wasn't surprised by Welker's feat last Sunday in the Miami Dolphins loss to New England.

"I'm definitely proud, that's a typical Wes Welker action," said his former teammate at Heritage Hall. "It wouldn't surprise me to find out that he didn't kick field goals, but maybe two or three before he went out and did that. He goes out and kicks a 29-yard field goal."

Cowboy fans and maybe even special teams coordinator Joe DeForest may be surprised that Holland is capable of a similar feat if need be. He too can be a jack of all trades including kicking.

"I agree," said Holland when asked if he could duplicate Welker's kicking feat. "I feel like I know the defense inside and out. I could play all safety positions, special teams, even if they need me to come and kick a field goal. Just a few weeks ago I still hit a 45-yarder. I could go kick if we lost three or four kickers."

It's nice Holland can kick, but let's keep Jason Ricks and Cole Farden healthy.

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