Captain's Report

Linebacker Paul Duren
GP: Are you pleased with the way the defense played at Colorado?
PD: ?At first, Colorado came out and ran a little on us. We knew that we had to come out and stop their running game because that was their strength. ?Then when we all started playing together, we shut them down.?
GP: How did it feel to get a couple of interceptions and return the second for a touchdown?
PD: It was a good feeling to get back in the end zone because it has been three years since I?'ve been there.?
GP: What do you think of the play of freshman defensive end Nathan Peterson?
?PD: He'?s playing great right now because he has been there when our defense needs someone to step up and put pressure on the quarterback, and that'?s what he has done.?
GP: How good is this group of linebacker?s?
PD: ?We are just getting better as a unit because Pagitte McGee, Lawrence Pinson and I have been around for the past few years and we have gotten to learn from each other.?

Quarterback Donovan Woods
GP: Tell us your thoughts on the last drive of the first half. DW: ?We started moving the ball towards the end of the half and coach wanted to take a shot at the end zone. ?The coaches got the right play call and we executed it.?
GP: How good was the Colorado defense?
DW: They were a good defense because they flew to the ball, and when they got to you they delivered a lick.?
GP: How does it feel to be 5-0 as a starting quarterback?
DW: ?It feels real good but I want to continue to win and continue lead.?

Safety Chase Holland GP: How much did you enjoying playing at Colorado?
CH: ?It was a beautiful stadium because it was right by the mountains,. ?Obviously, that is a tough place to go in and win at because of how the air is different there, but we are in such great shape we didn'?t have too many problems.?
GP; What does it mean to be named captain for homecoming?
CH: It'?s exciting being named captain because I;?m glad that the coaches and my teammates respect me.?
GP: What's it like to walk out right before kickoff to a full stadium? How much does that help the team?
CH: It?'s amazing to see a packed stadium as you run out on the field and it'?s awesome to look around the stadium and all you see is orange,. ?With the renovations to the stadium, it has made it louder.?
GP: How would you describe this year's team?
CH: I think that the unity on the team has been great on and off the field this year. ?At my position, we break out with ?family? and that shows to me that we are really close to each other.?

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