Wrestling: Cowboy Trifecta

The Oklahoma State?s wrestling program continues to rise after capturing consecutive NCAA titles for the first time since 1989-90. Brandon Mason, Nathan Morgan and Coleman Scott will look to continue that trend as they begin their collegiate careers.

The three freshmen were among the most sought after recruits in the country. All three were regionally honored with the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award. This is a prestigious honor that is given to a wrestler based on academics, athletics and community service. Scott was the national award winner at a ceremony in Stillwater on June 5.

Mason said he doesn't hold any grudges towards Scott for winning the award. All three of them now share the same dorm room.

Mason, a Council Bluffs, Iowa native, says it helps having someone that is able to help you work towards the same goal. He is more familiar with the atmosphere that surrounds Cowboy wrestling. Mason would have as many as 5,000-6,000 people attend each of his duals.

"We both have the same goals,?" Mason said. ?"We both want to win national championships. When you have someone that is there with you pushing you it makes it easier than when you are doing it on your own.?"

Mason may have helped persuade Morgan to come to Oklahoma State. Mason made contact after he discovered that the Cowboys were recruiting Morgan as well. The two talked to one another at the NCAA Championships when they met, and again at the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award presentation in June.

Morgan is still getting accustomed to the Midwest. The Bakersfield, Calif.. native is adjusting to the unpredictable nature of the weather. Being from different parts of the country is where the differences stop. Each of them is striving towards the same goal, and that is to win NCAA championships of their own.

"?We are all doing the same things,"? Morgan said. ?"We are all going to practice together, and just hanging out together when we are not at practice. It does get competitive when we are playing video games.?"

The trio does not share much about what happens on the mat. They keep their own personal techniques to themselves, and do not reveal much about what takes place on the mat.

Scott, a native of Waynesburg, Pa., is the most highly regarded of the three freshmen. Scott is the lone true freshman competing for a spot in the starting lineup. He is competing with veterans Derek Stevens and Derrick Fleenor for the starting spot as the 125-pounder.

The three freshmen helped comprise one of the most heralded recruiting classes the Cowboys have had under head coach John Smith. Newly McSpadden, Taylor Hosick, Bryant Blackmon and Jake Duke all completed one of the top recruiting classes in the nation.

This freshmen class is sure to leave their mark on Oklahoma State wrestling, and will be led by the outstanding trio that shares the same dorm.

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