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Miles Not Optimistic About Peterson
On top of losing to Texas A&M, the Cowboys may have lost a rising star at defensive end for a few weeks, or maybe more. Tulsa Union freshman Nathan Peterson has been one of the best defenders for the Cowboys since he drew his first start against Iowa State.
"I'm not overly optimistic," said Miles when asked about Peterson's condition. "That is more for this week. I'm not certain about the rest of the season," added Miles when pressed about Peterson.

Koenig May Be Better News
It was obvious last night from some of the success that the middle of the Texas A&M defensive line had that neither Corey Curtis or Doug Bond are performing as well as redshirt freshman David Koenig was early in the season at left guard.
"It was a precaution that he was kept out of practice this past week," Miles said of Koenig. "He was suited up and possibly could have played. It's a day to day thing, but there is a good chance that he'll play at Missouri."
Miles confirmed that Koenig is the best answer at that position.
"He is a talented guy, and we need to get him back and healthy."

Williams Uncertain
After Saturday's loss to Texas A&M, Cowboy fans are eager to see preseason All-American cornerback and punt returner Darrent Williams back in action. Williams broke his right forearm late in the Big 12 opening win over Iowa State. It was set in a cast with three to four weeks being the amount of time it was said he would miss. Since then the idea of padding the cast and getting him back on the field has been tossed around.
"I just don't know," Miles said when asked about when Williams will be back.

Girtman Not Suspended, Could Play
Brad Girtman, despite what has been written, is not suspended from the team. Is Girtman being punished for not living up to his responsibilities as a member of the team? That part seems to be true.
Miles told the media on Sunday that the accurate way to list Girtman's status is that he was suited up but did not play against Texas A&M. Miles added that Girtman is doing better in his off the field responsibilities and that he practiced better last week. Miles hinted that he might see some playing time against Missouri.

Road May Be PlaceTo Be This Week
After losing for the first time this season – and with the 36-20 loss to Texas A&M coming at home in front of a capacity crowd of enthuisiastic Cowboy fans – maybe this week is not a bad week to go on the road for a rebound. The OSU fans seem to be let down. This Oklahoma State team has discovered a little bit of a road warrior mentality this season after wins at UCLA and Colorado.
"I have never not liked playing on the road," said Miles. "I kind of like being the sole group in an opposing team's stadium. There is an us-against-them kind of attitude to that."
Miles added, however, that his preference is to play them all at home if that were possible.
The Cowboys are Missouri's homecoming opponent. Oklahoma State has not won in Columbia since a 30-26 win in 1995.

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