Up Close With<br>Noseguard Clay Coe

After the loss to Texas A&M there has been a lot of discussion about the Cowboys' pass rush. Clay Coe is not often going to get sacks from his noseguard position, but it is his job to help set those sacks up with the push up the middle. We talked to him about that and more.

GP: How did you feel this team reacted to their first loss on the season?
Coe: One thing I'm really proud of is that we didn't give up, offensively and defensively. When you are in the second half and you've made some mistakes, but you are still going out there to win and everybody around you is thinking the same thing you are – we're trying to win this football game. Even though we lost the game that makes you feel a lot better about the guys around you. You know they are thinking the same things you are and are on the same page.

GP: The Coe family already has a win over Missouri as your younger brother Clint started at safety for Troy in their upset win over the Tigers. There is some pressure on you or you will be hearing Clint talk about how they beat Mizzou and OSU didn't?
Coe: That's definitely high on my priority list right now. My younger brother Clint is pretty good at talking. If we lose this game I'm going to hear a lot about it, and I don't want to hear about it. They (Troy) played really well against them, and we're going to look at that tape, see what they did, and try to implement some of that.

GP: You are on the front end of the defense and he plays in the back end. Can you gain much from talking to him about what he saw?
Coe: Talking to him a little bit, he's probably talking a little bit about things I don't understand. I've watched the tape and I watched the game on TV and they got a lot of pressure on (Missouri quarterback) Brad Smith, especially on the end and on the corner. If we can do that, hopefully the outcome will be the same. (Note: Troy beat Missouri 24-14)

GP: Pass rush. I know you take a lot of pride in what you do, and something people are looking for is for OSU to get more pressure on the quarterback.
Coe: Definitely. It just goes to show you whenever you don't get pressure on a guy it doesn't matter how good he is or how good your coverage is he's going to make some plays. When you don't disrupt a quarterback he is going to hurt you. Even on three-step drops we have to get hands up (and) knock people back into him. We have to put some pressure on the quarterback.

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