Recruiting: Ekom Udofia

When we called Tuesday night Ekom's mother checked and than informed us he was still sleeping. Udofia broke his fibula on the first play on defense in Scottsdale Chaparral's game on Friday night. The injury will end the season for one of the top defensive tackles in the nation. The top player in Arizona is 6-3 1/2 and weighs in at about 300 pounds.

"The medication he is taking is causing him to sleep a lot," said Mrs. Udofia. "He is going back to the doctor and may need to have surgery later this week."

Udofia originally was thought to have a clean break, but now doctors are considering surgery to repair the bone in his lower leg.

Udofia still has an excellent chance for a full recovery, and we hope that is the case. This is a young man who is outstanding on and off the field and has always been great to talk with. He's very mature for his age.

Udofia will have to reschedule a couple of visits. His mother said he will not be able to make the visit this coming weekend to Oklahoma (10/23) and, as we reported yesterday, he will have to reschedule his visit the next weekend to Oklahoma State. The game time of 11 a.m. was going to make it impossible to get to Stillwater in time for the game, and his mother added that physically it still was going to be too soon after the injury and possible surgery.

Udofia is considering those two schools along with USC, Miami, LSU, Duke and Stanford.

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