Captain's Report

Quarterback Donovan Woods
GP: What does the offense need to do in order to improve against Missouri?
DW: ?The coaches stress about holding onto the football and not committing any turnovers. I'?m pretty sure that this week we will be prepared for Missouri and that it will be a better game than last week against Texas A&M.?
GP: After two fumbles last game by Vernand Morency, do you think he has put those behind him and will continue to get better as the season goes on?
DW: ?V-Mo is a very mature guy, and I?'m sure that he won?'t have a problem getting over it.?
GP: What were your thoughts on the A&M defense?
DW: They had a lot of talent with big guys who were able to move fast. They forced a couple of turnovers that gave them the opportunities to put up numbers on the scoreboard.?
GP: For the Cowboys want to get to the Big 12 championship, what are some things you all will have to do to get there?
DW: ?We need to continue to win on the road if we want to achieve our goals and play the best we can throughout the rest of the season.?

Punter Cole Farden
GP: What were your thoughts on the loss against Texas A&M?
CF: ?It was disappointing because we had a couple of mistakes in the first half and made it tough to come back in the second half. We need to come off that game and work harder to win at Missouri.?
GP: What do the special teams need to focus on to get better?
CF: ?We miss Darrent Williams returning punts, even though Prentiss Elliott is a great athlete. Darrent just has the experience back there and can open up a game and change up the momentum. As far as my punting, I think that I am improving but I also have a long ways to go to be one of the best in the Big 12.?
GP: How do you feel going into the Missouri game on the road?
CF: ?I feel good because we have been able to go on the road and win this year. I know that we are both coming off of a loss and that we both are going to want to win this ball game.?

Defensive tackle Clay Coe
GP: What do you guys need to do to get to the Big 12 championship game?
CC: ?We need to continue on believing in ourselves that we can still win the Big 12 championship.?
GP: How do you think you'?ll overcome the first loss of the season and get back to winning more ball games?
CC: ?I think we will handle it fine because you look back at the game and you can see that we didn?'t get our butts kicked. We know how well we can play and I think that the motivation is there and we don'?t want to lose another game that we could have won. We are the same team, and I don?'t know why we played the way we did. We don?'t want that feeling we had against A&M the rest of the season.?
GP: What are your thoughts on facing another quarterback like Reggie McNeal?
CC: Reggie and Brad Smith are just about the same type of quarterback. We won'?t do anything different this week because Brad is more of a pocket passer and he hasn'?t run as much as he has in the past.?

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