OSU-OU: Cowboy Quotebook

These quotes are courtesy of the Oklahoma State Sports Information office. The can be accessed along with other information at www.okstate.com

Head Coach Les Miles
On the last come from behind victory over Missouri: "I am really proud of the team. They showed great character. The experience that they will have, and the confidence that they have in all facets of the game should give them a better feeling when they are behind."
On what turned the Missouri game around: "If you start at the end and go to the front, it had to be the field goal that puts us ahead. What led to that were any number of plays that gave us advantages. Downing a punt inside the 5-yard line was a huge play. There are a number of ways that the team found a way to win on offense, defense and special teams. The defense had a number of plays, and the offense turned it up in the second half. It was a very satisfying win."
On preparing for Oklahoma: "They are obviously tremendously talented. They have great balance. They have a great ability to throw and run. Both of their backs are very strong players, and well conceived options in the offense. It is a great offense."
"Certainly, championships are why we play. As you look at your opponent, you are going to be motivated to defeat that team. Oklahoma has plenty of motivation. Our kids understand that when they turn to review the team they are about to play, it is a fine football team."
On stopping Oklahoma's offense: "You pick your poison, and then you try to defeat that piece of it. If you can divide the field in some way, and give them their least capable option in the smallest part of the field. That is the best thing to do. It is run and pass, and in this offense you have to defeat both."
On Vernand Morency: "Vernand Morency is a pretty special back. We are going to give him an opportunity to run it. I think we will be challenged to move the football as we have in the past. The games that we have had the most success, we ran the ball well. We are not going to turn away from that task. When you play your best opponents, they challenge you along a broader spectrum of your offense. I think you need the ability to be more balanced, but we are going to try to run the football."

Defensive Lineman Clay Coe
On stopping Adrian Peterson: "It's going to be very important to keep our assignments. He likes to bounce it outside. From what I've seen in a couple of games I've been able to watch, he likes to get it outside. He's got great speed and he's a big body, a physical guy. It's going to be tough containing him especially when he turns the corner."
On Victor DeGrate's move to the defensive line: "He handled that pretty well, just took it in stride. He practiced and got as many reps as he could last week. In the game he played pretty well, from what I remember he didn't make a whole lot of mistakes. He handled it pretty well for being thrown into the fire like that."

Linebacker Lawrence Pinson
On Oklahoma's offense: "They have a real good offense. They can run the ball as well as pass it. Any time you have an offense like that it's going to be pretty tough to stop, but I think with the game plan we have we will be able to do it."

Safety Jamie Thompson
On defending Oklahoma: "We're just going to have to play our scheme well, play our keys, and do what we have been doing. They are just another team. They have great skill positions and a great running back, but we have a great running back in Morency that we see every day. We're just going to go out there and play hard and play our style of football."
On the importance of tackling well against OU: "We are just going to have to balance up and make nice form tackles on them. You can't run up there wildly trying to get he big hit. We have to get the for sure tackle."

Running Back Vernand Morency
On Adrian Peterson: "I'm well aware of Adrian, he's a great running back. He runs hard, makes guys miss, I'm happy for him."
On winning the game: "Week in and week out, I'm going to do what we need to do to win the ball game. I feel like I'm the best back in America, my teammates feel the same way. I just want to go ahead and pound out the win."

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