Captain's Report

The captains for Saturday's game against the Texas Longhorns – Vernon Grant, Cole Farden and Charlie Johnson – share their thoughts on a variety of topics.

Safety Vernon Grant
GP: What were your thoughts on Adrian Peterson?
?VG: I thought that he was a real good back. He is a strong kid that reminded me of UCLA?'s running back, but Adrian was much stronger. We played tough against him until those two long runs he had.?
GP: Last year, the Cowboys played a close game against Texas through the first-half, but they ran away with the game in the second-half. What do you all need to do this Saturday to get a win?
VG: ?We let that game slip away last year because we fought really hard. They ended up finding ways to beat our defense and we just feel off track. I think that this year we just need to stick with our game plan, and go out and play Cowboy football.?
GP: What do expect out of the Texas running game?
VG: ?We need to protect the run because Vincent Young and Cedric Benson can both run hard. I think we need to tackle better than we have been doing this season.?

Punter Cole Farden
GP: How do you feel the special teams played against Oklahoma?
CF: ?I thought that our special teams did really well. We got 14 points from the special teams including Grant Jones' fumble recovery in the end zone. The kickoff unit did real well by not letting them get passed the 20-yard line, but we did give up a return that hurt us.?
GP: What are your thoughts on the play of Jason Ricks this season? ?CF: As a true freshman, Ricks is a very talented kicker. Last week, was a very tough situation for a young athlete like him. We had chances to score and get closer into the red zone, but as a kicker your dream is to kick the game winner like he did against Missouri. He will have many opportunities throughout his career to get better, and win more ball games.?
GP: Throughout your career at Oklahoma State you have not yet beaten Texas. How important is it to win this game for you?
?CF: It'?s going to be a tough game because ever since I?'ve been here we have beaten every Big 12 team except for them. Last time we went down to Austin, we lost by two and hopefully this time we will come out with another conference win.?
Tight end Charlie Johnson
GP: Who has played a role in your life that has helped be where you a?re at now?
?CJ: My dad because he is always telling me to stay focused on and off the field. He has always been known as a hard worker and I want to be known as the same.?
GP: What was it like after the loss against Oklahoma?
CJ: ?As a team we fought as hard as we could. Unfortunately, we came up short, but you have to give credit to them because they are one of the best teams in the nation. At the same time, it'?s hard knowing that we came up short to a team like that.?
GP: This year the Cowboys have been able to win at some tough places. What?'s it going to be like playing in front of a packed house at Texas?
CJ: ?We?re just going to take the same approach we have taken on the road all year. We?re going to go in and try to get up early and not let the crowd be a factor.?
GP: What will it be like going up against a player like Derrick Johnson?
CJ: ?He is a great player who has great speed. He will always be around the ball, and it?'s going to take a big effort by our whole line to make big plays against the whole Texas defense. If we follow our game plan then we will be successful.?

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