Captain's Report

The captain's for Saturday's game against the Baylor Bears – Darnell Smith, Jacob Dressen and Corey Hilliard – share their thoughts on a variety of topics.

GP: What has it been like switching from defensive end to defensive tackle?
DS: It?'s been pretty good because I feel that I can play any position. I will do anything to help the team out, and play anywhere the coaches put me.
GP: Who has helped you the most since you arrived at Oklahoma State?
?DS: I look back at when I first got here because there were guys like Kevin Williams, LaWaylon Brown and Greg Richmond that I watched every day in practice. They showed me a few moves and gave me hints on how to be a better player. This year, I have been able to learn from guys like Jerry Don Bray and Clay Coe because they?'re good at working the middle.?
GP: What'?s it like being named captain on Senior Day when you are not even a senior?
DS: ?I was team captain in high school, and I feel that I am a leader. To be named captain on Senior Day means a lot to me because I know that the team believes in me, and that they know that I can get the job done even though I?'m not a senior.?
GP: What are your thoughts on the game against Baylor?
?DS: We have watched film and have noticed that they have been passing a lot. We're going to continue with our game plan and coach Clay has a defensive scheme set up for us that we believe will be successful. We'?re not going change anything, but we'?re to keep our techniques, then we'?re going to keep our hats in our gaps and go out and work to the best of our ability.?

GP: What has it been like being the deep snapper for Oklahoma State?
JD: ?When I first arrived here, I was able to learn from a great deep snapper in Jed Newkirk. Being able to contribute to the team has been a lot of fun for me.?
GP: What is it like knowing that you're getting ready to play your last game in Stillwater, and also being a captain on Senior Day?
JD: ?It means a lot to me because I have been an OSU fan all my life. I?'m looking forward to being a captain, and there a lot of other guys that deserve to be one too.?
GP: How does the team look to rebound after the loss against Texas?
?JD: I think that we are just trying to put the past two games behind us. We are looking forward to coming on and having our best game of the year against Baylor.?
GP: What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
JD: ?I plan on finishing my education degree in December, then I will look to finish my marketing minor next spring.?

GP: What is it like being named captain on Senior Day?
CH: ?It'?s an honor because it shows how much I have progressed since my freshman year. I thank the coaches and players for giving me the opportunity to represent the team as a captain.?
GP: What has it been like playing next to seniors Sam Mayes and Chris Akin on the offensive line?
CH: ?I love Chris and Sam because they go out every day and work hard, and they love to play the game. I'?m going to miss those guys and I hate to see them go.?
GP: How do you feel about the game against Baylor knowing that you need to rebound after the loss last week versus Texas?
CH: We feel really good about the game this weekend against Baylor. Things will happen like that loss last week, but the team has handled it good. We'?re all ready to go out and get another win.?
GP: After watching Baylor on film, what is their defense like?
CH: They'?re a real good defense because they're physical and they like to blitz a lot. We'?ll be ready because we have practiced hard for this game.?

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