OSU-Baylor: Prediction

Robert Allen's prediction for the Oklahoma State-Baylor game.

You have to start with the fact that Baylor has never won a road game in the history of the Big 12 Conference. For those that don't remember, the Big 12 started with the 1996 season. That's nine years of no conference wins on the road. I'm guessing that trend won't be reversed in Boone Pickens.

Baylor is better than they've been in recent years. They have improved in the offensive and defensive lines. Justin Crooks is a very good linebacker. The secondary is needing help. On offense the Bears still lack a strong running game, but Shawn Bell has ignited confidence in the offense along with wide receiver Dominique Zeigler.

The Cowboys won't have a Texas pitty party on Saturday – Senior Day and a chance to return to the Cotton Bowl have the team motivated. The weather could cause it to be a little sloppy. However, if the Cowboys don't make monumental mistakes, and they haven't this season except the A&M game and the first half at Missouri, then they should win.


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