OSU-Baylor: Photo Gallery

Photographer Jeremy Cook's images from the 25th-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys' 49-21 victory over Baylor on Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Donovan Woods couldn't believe how easy it was on his 13-yard touchdown run in the third quarter during the Cowboys' 49-21 victory over Baylor. (Jeremy Cook photo)

OSU offensive tackle Adam Gourley takes on Baylor defensive end Geoff Nelson (57). (Jeremy Cook photo)

Linebacker Paul Duren takes down Baylor tailback Anthony Krieg while Lawrence Pinson fights off Yancy Boatner to get in on the action. (Jeremy Cook photo)

Grant Jones wraps up Baylor receiver J Fields. (Jeremy Cook photo)

Seymore Shaw gets past Baylor's Maurice Lane on his 15-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. (Jeremy Cook photo)

What looks like disaster here soon turned into elation as Prentiss Elliott picked up this fumbled punt and ran it back 74 yards for a touchdown. (Jeremy Cook photo)

Prentiss Elliott breaks into the open ...

... catches the pass from Donovan Woods ...

... speeds toward the end zone ...

... where he crosses the goal line ...

... for another Cowboy touchdown!

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