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Texas survived a scare in Lawrence on Saturday as the Longhorns scored in the final seconds to beat KU 27-23. Les Miles was happy to see Texas escape with a win and stay alive for a BCS bowl bid, although the Horns dropped behind Utah in the Associated Press Poll – staying at six while Utah climbed to fifth.
"I want Texas to be a BCS team and Utah not to be," said Miles looking at what is best for his Cowboys' bowl prospects which could be Cotton, Holiday or Alamo.
Miles didn't discuss bowls in particular, but it is well known that the Cowboys would most prefer a trip back to Dallas and the Cotton Bowl.

"I wish Texas could have found a way to play in the second half against us they way they played in the first half against Kansas," said Miles of Texas close call at KU.
When asked if that game, along with other upsets happening on what seems like a more frequent basis, is a sign that college football has more parity than ever before the head coach had this response.
"There seem to be more opportunities for teams from non-traditional schools to beat other teams. If that is what you are calling parity then it is there."
There has been a lot of talk that this OSU offensive line is one of the best in schools history and certainly the best of the Les Miles era. Miles, however, isn't quite ready to make that proclamation just yet.
"I think the win over Baylor was one of their more complete games," said Miles. "That includes the tight ends, and they were dominant at the point of attack. It was a complete game for the offensive line. They have been awfully productive, but let's string a couple of more wins together and then we'll talk about it."
The off week could help get one of the members of the offensive line back as it is thought that left guard David Koenig, who has been out with back trouble, could be back and ready to go against Texas Tech.

Monday will be an off day for the Oklahoma State squad, but not for the coaches. The Cowboys will send out the allowed seven coaches on the road recruiting for one of their final evaluation days they are allowed in the fall.
Usually coaching staffs will hit the road on a Friday during an off week, but going earlier in the week will give the coaches a chance to see some players practicing if their team is in the playoffs. Other coaches and players will be done and the OSU staff can get in to visit with coaches and view video.

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