OSU-Tech: V-Mo Set to Go

Vernand Morency is ready to go. Cowboy fans don't have to worry, after a week off in the Baylor game the Big 12's third leading rusher is ready to get back at it. He says he could have played in the Baylor game, but after sitting out feels better, feels rested, is practicing again at full speed, and wants to have a big game.

"As a competitor you want to be out and make your presence felt," said Morency. "I was hurting over there on the sidelines meaning that I wanted to be out there, but the coaching staff made their decision and I felt real comfortable with it. Right now, I feel great."

The game off with Baylor showed that the Cowboys have plenty of talent at tailback. Morency was glad to see Seymore Shaw have a career rushing day and to see senior Greg Jones get the opportunity to carry the ball in his final home game as a Cowboy.

"I felt great for them (Shaw and Jones)," said Morency of his teammates. "You have to understand that I've been here three years and I've paid my dues, sat there and watched wanting to be out there, so they understand roles you have to play. I felt great for them. I was on the sidelines jumping up and down."

But now it is back to the field for Morency.

"I had to put my pride aside, my ego, which I don't have any," said the humble Morency. "I know Texas Tech has a pretty stout defense, and I know we have to win this game. Teams that struggle with Tech try to change their whole makeup. They forget what got them there. It's hard to shoot out with a team that throws the ball the entire time. Our style of offense suits perfect for what we have to do Saturday. That is pound the ball and hit them deep."

About 160 yards is a good barometer for Saturday. If Morency rushes for that many ayrds then count it as a win against Tech; less than 160 and it will be an adventure.

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