Captain's Report

The Oklahoma State captains for Saturday's game against Texas Tech – Vernon Grant, Daniel McLemore and Charlie Johnson – share their thoughts on the Red Raiders.

VERNON GRANT With a week off do you feel like the team is more prepared for Texas Tech?
Vernon Grant: ?I feel like we are real prepared for this game. We have a good defensive scheme for our secondary and it?}s going to put us in a good position to make big plays.?
GP: What are your thoughts on the Texas Tech passing attack?
VG: I think that they're real dominate with the passing game. Our goal on defense is to create turnovers because we played 96 plays against them last year. So we}re going to try and not let that happen again. We are going to try and eliminate all of the big plays and control the game the way we want to control it.?
GP: How important is it to win this game so that Oklahoma State will get a better bowl game?
VG: I feel that every game is important and I?}m not looking at the bowl situation right now. I look at this game as a must win. We know if we win it will give us a better opportunity to a better bowl.?

GP: How much does this game mean for you all as team?
DM: We have won some big games on the road this season, and we have lost a couple games that have been close. This will be a big game because it will also determine which bowl game we will go to. Every game is important, but we?re going to go out and play this last game in the regular season and have fun.?
GP: What are your thoughts on the Texas Tech offense?
DM: They're pretty good with a spread offense. They love to pass the ball and we just have to go out and make plays.?

GP: What are your thoughts on the Texas Tech defense?
CJ: Overall, they're pretty good. They like to do a lot of movement with everyone out there. It will be a big challenge for us because they are very talented and we just need to pick up on all of their movements.?
GP: How has the whole year gone for you and the team? How much does this game mean to you?
CJ: It's been rough with the losses we've had. This year has been good and with a win at Tech will not only be good for a better bowl, but it will give us 8 wins on the season. We need to finish strong going into the bowl game.?
GP: How big of a role will the Cowboy defense need to play to help the offense out against Tech?
CJ: The defense will play a big role like they do every week. They have a great challenge ahead of them, by facing a tough offense. Our offense needs to do a great job on ball control and having those 12- to 15-play drives. Time of possession will be very important and we hope to win that battle. Overall, the defense had great practices and believe that the defense and the rest of the team look forward of having a great game.?

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