Building a Recruiting Class

Robert Allen gives a position-by-position look at Oklahoma State's current commitments and the other players the Cowboy coaching staff are hoping to land.

Analysis: OSU is loaded at this position and really never seriously recruited any quarterback prospects throughout this recruiting year.

Kevin White, 6-3, 208, 4.45, DeSoto, TX
R.J. Jackson, 5-11, 200, 4.52, Houston (Westside), TX (OSU 12/3, UT, LSU)
Felix Jones, 5-10, 195, 4.5, Tulsa (Washington), OK (A&M 10/10, Ark, Neb, OSU, Tenn)
Gerald Jones, 5-9, 165, 4.5, Pawnee, OK
Kestahn Moore, 5-10, 199, 4.5, Arlington (Mansfield Summit), TX (OSU 1/14, Iowa, MU, A&M, Wis)
Jonathan Stewart, 5-10, 218, 4.5, Lacey (Timberline), WA (USC 11/27, WashSt 10/29, Tenn 12/10, Wash, Az, AzSt, Cal, OSU, UF, Neb, Ore, OrSt)
Analysis: The Cowboys have plenty of tailbacks, especially if Vernand Morency stays for his senior season. But you are always looking for the next great one. Virtually all of these running back prospects can play other positions. It is a very athletic group.

Cody Glenn, 5-11, 220, 4.6, Rusk, TX (Neb 11/26, OSU, A&M)
Analysis: This position was not a must as all three fullbacks return, but Glenn favors the Cowboys and he is a very good prospect.

Jeremy Broadway, 6-0, 185, 4.42, Houston (Washington), TX (12/10)
Tevin Williams, 6-3, 215, 4.4, Stillwater (NEO A&M J.C.), OK (12/3)
Analysis: There are several guys waiting in the wings on the roster. With Prentiss Elliott likely to move to cornerback and become a spot offensive player then it makes sense to take this pair. Broadway is a speedster that can be a big play guy. Williams, who originally signed with OSU, is a very good athlete that could wind up at a safety.

Analysis: The Cowboys recruited some of the premier prospects at this position in the spring and summer, but when they didn't get one there was no need just to take a body. The Cowboys are still loaded at tight end with Charles Johnson, Paschal Smith, Brandon Pettigrew, Justin Waller and Tremayne Standberry.

Brady Bond, 6-6, 260, 5.0, Garber, OK (12/10)
Noah Franklin, 6-4, 295, 5.1, Vinita, OK (12/3)
Chris Hall, 6-5, 280, 5.1, Irving, TX
Marlon Winn, 6-6, 280, 5.0, Waxahachie, TX
Jon Cooper, 6-2, 270, 5.0, Fort Collins, CO (ISU 11/26, OU 11/13, OSU, CSU)
Kevin Matthews, OL, 6-3, 290, 5.2, Fort Bend (Elkins), TX (OSU 1/14)
Analysis: Bond is a project, Franklin is a tough guy, and Hall and Winn are two of the best coming out of Texas this year. The Cowboys might look to add one more, but that would be it.

Josh Pinaire, 6-5, 290, 4.7, Derby, KS/Hutchinson C.C., KS (12/10)
Willie Williams, 6-4, 305, Dearing, GA/Hutchinson C.C., KS (12/10)
DeMarcus Granger, 6-2, 310, 5.2, Dallas (Kimball), TX (OSU 1/14, LSU 12/3, OU, UT)
Lorenzo Jones, 6-3, 283, 5.1, McKinney, TX (Committed to Neb 11/26, ISU 12/3, OU 12/10, OSU 1/14)
James McKinney, 6-3, 263, 4.9, Louisville (Central), KY (Neb 11/26, Louis, Mich, Clem, OSU, OU)
Vincent Oghobaase, 6-5, 300, 5.2, Alief (Hastings), TX (OSU 9/18, Az 11/26, Duke 12/3, Miami 12/10, OU 12/17, A&M)
Brandon Perry, 6-2, 295, 5.2, Hawkinsville, GA (Aub, UF, FSU, UGA, OSU, Tenn)
Jerrell Powe, 6-3, 322, 5.0, Waynesboro (Wayne Co.), MS (Aub 12/17, Miss 1/14, A&M 12/10, OSU, Neb)
Rashad Roussell, 6-2, 260, 4.9, Boutte (Hahnville), LA (OSU, Aub, Miss, MsSt, WV)
Ekom Udofia, 6-1, 290, 5.0, Scottsdale (Chapparal), AZ (Stan, USC 10/9, OU 10/23, OSU 12/10, Miami 12/4)
Analysis: The MOST important position in this recruiting class. Pinaire and Williams help immediately, but they would like to stock this position for the years to come. Oghobaase is a midterm guy and maybe the blue chip tackle most leaning the Cowboys way. Granger and Udofia are two other big time guys who have said they will give OSU a fair shot with a visit. There isn't a slouch in the bunch, but they need to get at least two off this list.

Chris Jones, 6-5, 248, 4.8, Lafayette (Carencro), LA
T.J. Minor, 6-4, 240, 4.9, Houston (Westside), TX (12/10)
Zach Anderson, 6-4, 266, 4.94, Bay Minetta (Baldwin Co.)/East Mississippi C.C. (Louis 11/26, Bama, Aub, Miss 12/17, OSU, A&M 1/14)
Kyle Moore, 6-6, 250, 4.9, Warner Robins (Houston County), GA (OSU 12/3, OU 10/23, Tenn 11/8, USC 10/16, UGA 12/17)
Cordero Moore, 6-2, 260, 4.95, Mesquite (Horn), TX (OSU 12/10, Bama 12/3, Ark, OU)
Analysis: Both of the Moores are big playmakers. One would be nice, two would be incredible.

Eric Preast, 6-2, 215, 4.6, Sulphur, OK (1/14)
Marcus Burton, 6-0, 220, 4.6, Channelview, TX (Committed to WashSt 9/18, OSU)
Phillip Dillard, 6-2, 240, 4.6, Jenks, OK (Committed to Neb 9/4, OSU)
Tyrell Graham, 6-3, 215, 4.7, Houston (Yates), TX (KSU 12/10, KU, OSU, Ark)
Ben Owens, 6-2, 205, 4.5, Bearden, AR (Ark, ArkSt, Mem, OSU, Vandy)
Jodie Richardson, 6-2, 215, 4.55, Duncanville, TX (Committed to A&M, OSU)
Zach Schrieber, 6-2, 220, 4.65, Shreveport (Evangel), LA (Bama 11/19, Miss 1/14, Tech 10/22, OSU, SDSU)
Analysis: Another need area that is going to be tough. OSU is not taking any chances as they are even checking out some players that committed early to see if they have had a change of heart.

Gremon Coffman, 6-1, 195, 4.4, Duncanville, TX
Brent Nickerson, 6-0, 180, 4.5, Irving (Mac Arthur), TX
Brian Jackson, 6-3, 210, 4.55, DeSoto, TX (Az 9/17, Miami, MU, OU, OSU)
Ricky Price, 6-1, 170, 4.45, Houston (Cypress Falls), TX (Committed to MU 12/10 or 12/17, OSU 12/3)
Reggie Smith, 6-0, 192, 4.5, Edmond (Santa Fe), OK (USC 10/22, Neb, ND, OU, OSU, A&M)
Analysis: Coffman is a very talented player who might be able to play right away. Smith has all the hype, but can't get a read on whether he is really interested in the Cowboys. Price is also talented and could be wavering on the commitment to Mizzou.

T.J. Bell, 5-11, 180, 4.38, DeSoto, TX
Andre Sexton, 6-1, 190, 4.38, Houston Cypress Falls, TX (12/3)
Chris Chancellor, 5-9, 153, 4.5, Miami (Edison), FL (OSU 12/3, Miami, FSU 1/7, NCSt, Iowa)
Morris Crosby, 5-8, 178, 4.4, Alief Elsik, TX (Ark, Utah, CSU, OSU, Tech)
Jacob Lacey, 5-10, 170, 4.42, Garland (Naaman Forest), TX (KU 12/3, CU 12/10, Wis 12/17, OSU)
Quinton Moore, 5-11, 180, 4.45, Pearland, TX (OSU 1/14, Az, AzSt, KU, KSU)
Jonathan Wilhite, 5-10, 175, 4.4, Butler Country C.C., KS/Monroe (Quachita Parish), LA (Aub 11/12, OSU 12/10, Ark, Louis, Bama, LSU)
Analysis: Cowboys are looking for big corners if they can find them. This is the second most important position in recruiting this season for OSU.

Matt Fodge, K/P, 6-0, 180, 4.8, Garland, TX
Zachary Allen, LS, 6-1, 280, 5.26, Edmond (Memorial), OK (SMU, ISU)
Analysis: Fodge will compete with Jason Ricks and can also punt. Two guys handling three jobs and special teams coach Joe DeForest wants the duties split up. Allen is a top-flight deep snapper to replace Jacob Dressen.

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