Recruiting: Jeremy Broadway

"It was tight, and I'm a Red Raider," said Houston Washington wide receiver Jeremy Broadway when he got on the phone.

Broadway had been committed to Oklahoma State going back to the summer, and had always said he was committed but was going to take some visits. He took a midweek visit starting on Tuesday to Texas Tech and by the time he left he had changed his allegiance.

"It all felt good," added Broadway. "Everything was right with it. I was with the players and mainly the receivers and they were real cool. Tech is going to give me the ball. They throw it and I will get a chance to catch a lot of balls and be able to do something with it in my hands."

When asked if he had spoken to Joe DeForest, the coach who had been recruiting him at Oklahoma State, Broadway said that was the toughest thing next to changing his mind.

"That was the hardest thing next to the decision," he said. "Telling Coach D I was decommitting after we had such a good relationship was real hard. But I have to do what's best for me."

Now is Broadway through visiting because he had always said he wanted to take visits. Well, hang on because the trips for Broadway probably aren't over.

"You can keep those trips on there," said the speedy receiver. "I'm going to Wisconsin tomorrow, and I will probably make my trip to Oklahoma State in January. I'm not sure right now, but I've made my decision."

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