Cowboy Hoops Notes

In his coaching career Eddie Sutton has not made it a habit to give players a game ball. It has been a rare occurrence but senior forward Ivan McFarlin did receive one on Monday for his performance in the win over UNLV, and in particular for the four charges he took in the game.

"He did, he gave it to him last night," said Sean Sutton of the game ball presentation to McFarlin. "The only two that I know, this is not something that he has done very often in his career, he gave one to Scott Hastings at Arkansas and one to Joe Kleine at Arkansas, and I think Ivan is just the third player he has ever given a game ball to.

"He actually made the ball out to Ivan's father and addressed it to Jerry and wrote how special Ivan was and how much he has enjoyed coaching him. I know Ivan was very moved and touched last night in front of his teammates."

The game ball didn't go to McFarlin's head. I-Mac took three charges in the first half against Northwestern Oklahoma State.

Northwestern Oklahoma State was the second Division II school in Oklahoma to visit Gallagher-Iba Arena to play the Cowboys this season. The Cowboys easily handled USAO in their first exhibition game of the season. The Rangers admitted it was more than a little intimidating.

"We never experienced anything like this," said Northwestern Oklahoma State guard Brian Hunt. "We have never seen 11,000 people in the stands and I think we came out with weak knees."

They also observed that the Cowboys seemed to have been well fed and expertly prepared.

"Those guys are big," added Hunt. "I don't know what they are feeding those guys, but they are big. They have wide bodies and they play hard. Coach Sutton has them playing very disciplined basketball."

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