Miles Asked About LSU Job

Oklahoma State head football coach Les Miles has already been thrown into the pot as a candidate for the now vacant coaching job at LSU. The job opened up on Saturday when current Tiger coach Nick Saban accepted an offer to take over as head coach and head of all football operations for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL.

Sources out of Baton Rouge and LSU report that the top two candidates to replace Saban are Miles and former Miami Hurricanes and recently fired Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis, a former Oklahoma State assistant. One source said that Miles was a candidate with LSU administration at the end of last season when Saban was a candidate and was offered the head coaching position with the Chicago Bears.

Miles has repeatedly said he is not interested in leaving Oklahoma State. He likes the opportunity of taking this program to a level it has never enjoyed, and feels Oklahoma State is a place where you can win Big 12 and national championships. Miles and his wife, Kathy, have four young children and like the atmosphere Stillwater offers in raising a family.

On Sunday when approached about the LSU rumors Miles wasn't eager to address it.

"Please don't talk to me about that," said Miles. "Where is that from?"

Miles talked briefly when told it was from reliable sources like ESPN, CNN and Louisiana newspapers.

"It's flattering, it's speculative and certainly it's the result of the success this program, this school, and this football team has had. I'm looking at one thing, and one thing only and that's beating Ohio State."

A rumor based story on an internet site earlier this month had Miles going back to his alma mater, Michigan, as head coach to replace Lloyd Carr. But the story was based on rumors and was proven totally false. At that time Miles reacted angrily to the story that came out on a major recruiting weekend. Miles will likely want this story to have a quick resolution before the current "dead" period in recruiting concludes after this coming weekend.

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