Alamo Bowl: Prediction

I have to admit that I don't have a great feel for this one. Here's what I honestly feel -- Oklahoma State's defense is going to surprise even their fans.

Ohio State is not a great offense. They have struggled running the football and Zwick, unless he is unexpectedly sharp, can't be counted on to be brilliant in throwing the football. A few subtle changes in responsibilities should turn up the aggressiveness of the defense. Defensive coordinator Bill Clay says if the situation is right they will come after Zwick.

Now I expect Oklahoma State to really have to push it on offense. Ohio State is the best defense the Cowboys have seen all season. They are physical and aggressive, but sometimes in passing situation they give big escape areas for the quarterback to scramble and Donovan Woods needs to be ready to take advantage of the space.

Special teams will play a major role, in what regard I can't predict. Honestly, this game could go either way. I'll go with the Cowboys by a slight margin.

Oklahoma State 23
Ohio State 19

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