Miles, LSU Talk

Let's start with what we do know. We have discovered that Miles' agent in Dallas was contacted within hours of Nick Saban accepting the job with the Miami Dolphins last Saturday. We also have learned that Miles did speak with LSU athletic director Skip Bertman in a preliminary interview.

We also have heard from sources in Louisiana that LSU officials are leaning toward Bobby Petrino of Louisville as the top choice. This will transpire quickly as LSU is determined to have a coach in place by Monday to go recruiting.

Miles wasn't happy about it, but he was asked about the LSU situation during the head coach's press conference on Tuesday morning. It was better for Miles than the countless questions regarding NCAA compliance and problems in that area at Ohio State that Buckeyes head coach Jim Tressel was being bombarded with. Miles in his answer tried to turn the attention back to the game.

"This game, this time frame really speaks to Oklahoma State and Ohio State," said Miles when asked about the reports of his conversation with LSU officials. ""This time of year there is speculation and there has been speculation in the past. I think that's a compliment to our kids, to our team, and the school that I represent. I want to focus and look at what is the task at hand and that is a very talented Ohio State team."

The reporter followed up and so did Miles.

"I really, this is not the time in my opinion to talk about other things," said Miles sounding slightly angry. "I am very happy in Stillwater. I love the job that I have and I'm looking forward to the future there. I do not want to talk about other things, any job opportunities in anyway."

In my opinion, Miles will stay at Oklahoma State even if LSU comes through with an offer. There is a significant buyout on Miles contract and Miles is also sitting on a $1 million bonus if he can lead the Cowboys to a bowl game in either of the next two seasons. The clause in his contract calls for the bonus to be paid if Miles leads OSU to four bowl games in a five-year period.

Miles believes he can win Big 12 and national championships at Oklahoma State. He understands that he is the most successful coach in OSU history. His family is very comfortable and loves Stillwater and Oklahoma State as does Miles. Now as for the attention Miles is smart. LSU having interest gives him greater credibility in the business and with Oklahoma State and Cowboy fans. Think of this, Miles goes into a home of a star recruit and says I turned down LSU and that says plenty about Oklahoma State. It's part of the way the business works.

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