Six Staff Members Following Miles to LSU

It is much clearer this afternoon that Les Miles has not just left, but taken much of a very strong coaching staff that he built with him. It has been confirmed that defensive coordinator Bill Clay, tight ends coach Josh Henson, director of football operations Mack Butler, wide receivers coach Todd Monken, running backs coach Larry Porter and secondary coach Doug Mallory are all moving with Miles to LSU.

Those departures have all been confirmed by multiple sources.

The staff members remaining are assistant head coach Mike Gundy, special teams coordinator Joe DeForest, defensive line coach Carey Bailey and offensive line coach Chuck Moller.

Gundy is the favorite to be the next head coach, and should be.

There is a strong pitch from everyone associated with OSU to keep DeForest. Bailey is showing his true colors as he has gone out on the road recruiting for Oklahoma State and wants to stay. Moller, it would appear, will be looking for another opportunity.

I spoke with Monken moments ago as he was cleaning out his office in the Athletic Center.

"Les came by the house last night and stayed for 30 minutes and then my wife and I stayed up and I really had no choice," said Monken. "I love it here, my wife loves it here, she loves the other wives and families and the people of Stillwater. It wasn't a family decision, but a professional one. The money is no better, I'm telling you the truth on that Robert."

Monken said it came down to staying with the guy (Miles) who brought him to OSU.

"I wish Oklahoma State could be on an even playing ground with other schools because the people, the school, and the town are A-plus," said Monken. "It's recruiting. Even though we'd beaten A&M and they were down the last two years, we beat them on one out of the 10 guys we went head-to-head with them on."

Monken said he does feel the necessary tools are in place for the program to remain where it is and he felt Mike Gundy was the choice to make. He added Mike wants to be here, is a good coach, and will have the salaries and tools to hire a good staff.

"I just wish it could have been different," finished Monken.

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