Gundy Family is Flying High

There was no way that Mike Gundy was going to accept his dream job of becoming head football coach at Oklahoma State and not have his parents, Ray and Judy, there to see it. Gundy's parents were both in Miami where they had driven to see Mike's brother, Cale, coach Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl against USC on Tuesday.

Boone Pickens sent his Lear jet to Miami on Monday to pick the Gundys up for a 43,000-feet ride back to Stillwater for Mike's big announcement. After the press conference the jet was waiting to take them back to Miami.

"That was a heckuva way to travel," said Ray Gundy. "We were so high that there wasn't any turbulence or anything like it."

One other problem was the Gundys didn't have any orange to wear. The bags were all packed with crimson-colored clothing to support Cale. Judy picked something up in Stillwater and Ray pulled an OSU Mobetta shirt out of Mike's closet so they came to the event appropriately dressed.

The expression of pride was evident on both of their faces. Ray and Judy Gundy are two very special people. There's a good reason their sons and daughter have been successful – they were raised the right way.

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