Football: Poke Notes

Oklahoma State may get a chance to add to its strength and conditioning staff. University of Florida director of strength and conditioning Rob Glass, who is recognized as one of the top men in his profession, was the strength and conditioning coach at Oklahoma State when Gundy was a player.

Glass worked under current OU strength coach Jerry Schmidt at Florida. New Florida football coach Urban Meyer is bringing in his own strength coach for football freeing Glass, who has been the director at Florida since 1998.
Glass is the son of Ike Glass, a member of the Oklahoma Board of Regents of Higher Education. He has had tremendous results at Florida and would also form a great team with Gary Calcagno, who sources said would be kept and would keep a title.

I have not talked to many players, just two. But both those players and from other sources all the players contacted ranged from happy to ecstatic over the hiring of Mike Gundy. One source told me that many of the current Cowboys players from Texas were unhappy with Miles. I'm still trying to figure that one out and how geography would make a difference with how the players felt about their former head coach.

A quick survey of former LSU head coaches reveals that Bill Arnsparger left LSU for the athletic director's job after winning two SEC championships. Mike Archer was fired following a 7-4 season. Gerry DiNardo was fired despite owning the highest win percentage of any LSU coach. Nick Saban leaves 18 returning starters off a 9-3 team to go to the Miami Dolphins of the NFL.
Now Miles steps in giving LSU its fifth coach in the last 15 years. That's an average change each three years.

Yes, there is one. Tiger Stadium, in the old days, used to have dorms underneath it. There is a passageway out of the locker room that goes down to a tunnel that leads underneath the facility and comes out the other end. It has long been a way for the head coach and his staff to avoid the fans when departing the stadium following a loss.
There is also a rumor about a service elevator from the press box that assistant coaches have used to avoid the fans after a loss. It is a tough crowd at LSU after losses, so knowing the escape route can come in handy.

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