Recruiting: Franklin Staying With OSU

Vinita offensive lineman Noah Franklin says it will be Oklahoma State. The original school that he gave his commitment to is the one he will sign with next Wednesday. The 6-4, 295-pounder made the decision Thursday evening.

"Both places had good facilities and they were so close to each other," said Franklin of his decision process. "It came down to atmosphere. Oklahoma State is more like my high school and home than Arkansas was. I was just more comfortable there."

Like some of the other OSU commitments, it was the coaching change that caused Franklin to take a look at other options. So now with the decision completed how does he look at the coaching change with the Cowboys?

"I don't know if I should say this, but I'm probably more comfortable with the new coaches than I was coach Miles and coach Moller," added Franklin. "I didn't think it would be that way, but now that I've got to know the new coaches I really like them and I think I will enjoy playing for them more. I think the coaching change ended up being a plus in my decision."

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