Football: Vance Bedford Q&A

Oklahoma State Cowboy fans have been clamoring for a new look defense and with the coaching change they will get it. Former OSU assistant coach Vance Bedford (1995-96) will bring it with him from the Chicago Bears where he has spent the past six seasons coaching the secondary.

A former Texas schoolboy standout in Beaumont and starting defensive back for the Texas Longhorns, Bedford is a strong recruiter and has soaked up defensive knowledge from the likes of current Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith, renowned as one of the top defensive coaches in the NFL.

GP: How much was this recruiting class able to get some needs taken care of for what you are looking to get done on defense?
VB: One thing we needed for this recruiting year was defensive backs, linebackers and defensive linemen. We helped ourselves with three junior college defensive linemen (and) six defensive backs. We came up short at linebacker, but we're excited about the guys we did get. We filled some needs on defense with this recruiting class.

GP: What are you going to do defensively?
VB: We are going to be multiple. We will run a variety of things from 4-3-4 to 4-2-5, whatever it takes to win we are going to do those type of things. We are going to be multiple and move around and give people different looks.

GP: How much of an influence was your last year with the Bears working with Lovie Smith, who has such a great reputation as a defensive coach?
VB: Yes, he is. We are going to have an attacking style of defense much like we had this past season with the Bears. We are also going to do some things that we did in previous years with the Bears. There will be things I picked up at Michigan and some things that I picked up when I was here at Oklahoma State. Right now, with the defensive staff that is here, we are just getting started on putting together the playbook, and we are all going to have input into it. It's not going to be my defense. It's going to be our defense, and that's what will give us the best chance of winning.

GP: Mike Gundy mentioned how well you worked in recruiting Calvin Mickens from your hometown in Beaumont. Calvin also mentioned that you were the main reason he switched from Nebraska.
VB: It's good when you can go back home and people know you in the community, guys you were raised with and they talk to people for you and make it easy. Hopefully, I will get a chance to go on the road recruiting and Beaumont will be part of my recruiting area.

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