Spring Football Notes & Quotes

After staying mostly quiet except for some encouraging words the first two practices the addition of shoulder pads and some contact caused head coach Mike Gundy to jump up the intensity a little more with his involvement in practice. Disappointed with the run blocking on the perimeter in a team run drill, Gundy got right in front of new wide receiver Tevin Williams and gave a pretty good example of the kind of blocking expected from a wide receiver.

Gundy shouted that the wide receivers had better pick up their blocking and that the wide receivers were playing soft and he wasn't going to stand for it.
"There are times that I feel like if I am not getting effort from certain positions then I will get involved," said Gundy of his instruction in the practice. "One thing we will always do here, as long as I am involved, is we will block on perimeter and run the football. I didn' think we were getting enough effort on the perimeter and I wanted to make sure that I made a point that in order for us to be successful those seven- or eight-yard runs turn into 20- or 30-yard runs when we block the perimeter. I enjoyed getting back at it a little bit and I got into a comfort zone today as a coach."

Just because a player is injured doesn't mean he isn't working during practice. Down in the southwest corner of the stadium the strength and conditioning staff, led by new coordinator Rob Glass, have the injured and rehabbing players working on other areas of their body, continuing rehab and doing plenty of conditioning. Gundy had said on the first day of spring practice the design is for those players to stay in the best shape possible, and pick up as much of the new offensive and defensive systems in meetings so that when they were cleared they could compete for a position.
Defensive ends Marque Fountain and Darnell Smith, both off season shoulder surgery patients, were working Wednesday on 100-yard runs to boost their conditioning. The stationary bikes are in almost constant use and there are also position specific exercises going on with the injured players.
Two additions to the injury list Wednesday were offensive linemen Doug Bond (unknown) and Blake Botek (knee). Others remaining on the injury, list along with Fountain and Smith, include safety Jamie Thompson (calf muscle), linebacker Paul Duren (ankle), running back Seymore Shaw (knee rehab), defensive end Nathan Peterson (knee rehab), and wide receiver Chijuan Mack (knee rehab).

Cowboy recruiting signee Noah Franklin of Vinita was at Boone Pickens Stadium for the first spring practice in pads. Franklin, sporting a full head of shaggy hair, is keeping busy this spring as he won regionals in Class 3A power lifting. Franklin is right around 400 pounds on his bench press and is the favorite to take state in the heavyweight class in a couple of weeks in the state meet in McLoud. After practice Franklin, who is all of 6-4, 295 pounds right now, stayed around to talk with new offensive line coach Joe Wickline.
Ada's Chad Roark and his father watched practice on Monday. Chad is a defensive tackle who is 6-3, and close to 300 pounds. He is projected to be an even better prospect than his older brother Craig Roark, an offensive lineman who signed with Nebraska in February. LSU and Nebraska have already offered the younger Roark and it is believed that Oklahoma State put its hat into the ring as well.

Following practice Gundy had some spring break warnings for his squad. Gundy addressed staying active and not sitting around without physical activity. He also pointed out that players might want to review what they had learned with the new offensive and defensive systems, and he stressed making smart decisions during the week away from campus. The team will reconvene and pick up with spring practice on Monday, March 21, with a workout in shorts. Coming back from break the team will have 12 workouts remaining with two major Saturday scrimmages on April 2 and April 9.

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