Southern Illinois Scouting Report

Oklahoma State head coach designate Sean Sutton was responsible for putting together the game plan and the scouting report for the Cowboys' second-round meeting with Southern Illinois. Go Pokes spoke with Sutton exclusively in the locker room behind closed doors during the Cowboys media time on Saturday at the Ford Center. Below are Sean's thoughts and a look at the lineups and matchups for the game at 1:20 p.m. on Sunday.

Sutton had this to say about the Salukis: "They are one of the winningest programs in college basketball over the past four years. I think they have won 104 games, which puts them sixth on the list. They are a very confident team that plays in a very good basketball conference, the Missouri Valley, and they have really dominated that league over the last four years. They bring a confidence to the court that you see out of some of the best basketball programs in the country.

"They have tremendous guard play and that really is the strength of their team when you look at (Darren) Brooks, (Stetson) Hairston, (Jamaal) Tatum, and (Tony) Young. They all are guys that can score points and they are all extremely good defenders. The thing that impressed me so much in person is how hard they guard the basketball. They do a good job of trying to force turnovers and then turn it into offense, much like we do. They do a good job with help side defense and you can tell the pride they play with on the defensive end of the court. One of the keys for us will be how we handle their pressure, how we attack their pressure. We can't have a bunch of turnovers like we had against Southeastern Louisiana because that is what keys them.

"They will not be rattled, they've played in big games, in the NCAA Tournament and they will come out with the idea that they are going to win.

"They do a lot of the same things Illinois does on offense. (First-year head coach Chris Lowery was an assistant with Illinois head coach Bruce Webber, first at SIU and then last season at Illinois). They do a lot of motion and it's a five-man motion where the posts are out on the perimeter setting back screens, fade screens, they set a lot of ball screens and let their guards have the freedom to drive the basketball. They are not a great shooting team with three-pointers or a dominant inside team that will just pound the ball inside. They execute well and hit the offensive glass hard."

Lineups and Matchups (OSU-SIU)
F: Joey Graham, 6-7, 225, Sr. (17.8/6.2) vs. Matt Shaw, 6-7, 225, Fr. (6.3/3.6)
F: Ivan McFarlin, 6-8, 240, Sr. (11.8/7.5) vs. Joshua Warren, 6-8, 255, Sr. (3.9/3.7)
G: John Lucas, 5-11, 165, Sr. (17.9/2.5) vs. Jamaal Tatum, 6-2, 175, So. (12.0/2.4)
G: Daniel Bobik, 6-5, 210, Sr. (6.8/2.9) vs. Darren Brooks, 6-3, 205, Sr. (14.9/5.1)
G: JamesOn Curry, 6-3, 190, Fr. (9.1/2.5) vs. Stetson Hairston, 6-3, 220, Sr. (9.5/3.5)

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